“Happiness resides in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.”

Unity College soared with delight as they congregated to celebrate and honour the remarkable results of ICSE and ISC 2023. This year witnessed an explosive wave of achievement as the Big Bang Achievers shattered previous merit records with their stunning performances. The grand ceremony, held on May 16th, 2023, bestowed well-deserved honour upon these high-flyers, recognizing their brilliant success.

The atmosphere of the ceremony brimmed with electrifying energy as ISC achieved an average score of 81.36, while ICSE reached an impressive 81.14. Among the 128 students enrolled in ISC, a remarkable 22 students secured scores of 90% and above, while 56 students achieved between 80% and 89%. In ICSE, out of 120 students, 27 students soared to 90% and above, and 45 students secured scores between 80% and 89%.

Butool Uzma emerged as the ISC topper, commanding attention with an outstanding score of 98.75%, while Shahar Ali claimed the prestigious top spot in ICSE with an impressive score of 97.60%.

Principal Mr. Francis Castelino extended his heartfelt congratulations to the students for their exceptional and brilliant performance. He expressed profound gratitude to the teachers and parents whose guidance and unwavering support made this astounding success possible.

The ceremony commenced with a jubilant garlanding ceremony, where both the students and teachers were adorned, infusing the air with the sweet fragrance of joy and the pride of accomplishment. The top three achievers from both ICSE and ISC, accompanied by their proud parents, were honoured with utmost reverence. Students who secured scores of 90% and above, followed by those achieving between 80% and 89%, were greeted with delightful sweets as a token of deep appreciation. While the brilliant achievers were deservedly recognized, the teachers were also honoured for their tireless efforts and exceptional contributions to the students' resounding success. Each remarkable moment was captured through a captivating photo-shoot, preserving memories for generations to come.

College Secretary Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi applauded the students, emphasizing that achieving high percentages in ICSE and ISC is merely the beginning of their journey. He urged them to strive for higher education, pursue their passions and interests, and seek admission to esteemed colleges that align with their aptitudes and aspirations.

College Jt. Secretary Dr. M. Talha highlighted the exceptional performance of our daughters, who have consistently outshone our sons. He motivated the boys to strive for equal representation in academic achievements, inspiring them to reach new heights.

Manager Unity College II Shift, Dr. S. Kalbe Sibtain Noorie praised the illustrious legacy of his late father, Dr. S. Kalbe Sadiq, and lauded the remarkable progress of the college under the invaluable guidance and support of Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi. Furthermore, he expressed sincere appreciation for the philanthropic efforts of TMT, which have made quality education accessible to all.

Vice Principal Mr. Sachindra Bharti concluded the event with a heartfelt vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to everyone who contributed to the grand success of the students.

The magnificent celebration of academic excellence culminated in a sumptuous refreshment session for all attendees. However, the proud smiles of accomplishment and the aspirations kindled during the event will endure in the hearts of everyone present long after the curtains have fallen.

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