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Our Fees Detail


College fee is to be deposited with the designated Bank on all working days from 5th to 20th of every fee payable month including Second Saturdays between 9.00 a.m. & 12.30 p.m. Fee must be paid regularly and in time when due. If the dues are not cleared, the name of the student shall be struck of on the last day of the month without further notice. Re-admission may be allowed by the Principal, if the seat is still available, on payment of Rs.200/- as the readmission fee along with dues of the previous month(s). Students will not be permitted to appear in the exams as well as attend the classes unless the fee clearance slip is shown to the class teacher.

All students without any exception will have to deposit the FIRST INSTALLMENT of fee for the session in CASH at the COLLEGE BANK FEE COLLECTION COUNTER near main gate. Students are advised to obtain ADMISSION SLIP. Students having this Admission Slip will be ENROLLED and ALLOWED to ATTEND the classes.

Parents/Guardians are requested to deposit the fees as per the chart printed on the pay-in-slip booklet, with the designated Bank. (The pay-in-slip booklet will be supplied by the college). Fee will be accepted in the college office between 21st and Last working day of the month on payment of FINE of Rs. 100/-

Please note that Results of Fee Defaulters will not be declared.

Parents/Guardians may open their account in the designated bank and pay the fees by cheque. Payment of fee by local nationalized bank cheque will also be accepted. Parents/Guardians are advised to pay through crossed cheques only while depositing the fee through their wards. Students are not permitted to bring cash to the college.(See College Regulations).

Concession in fee the THIRD CHILD of same parentage studying in the lowest class in fee will be granted by the school. This Concession will be admissible only after payment of First Installment in FULL for all three siblings.


The College provides bus conveyance facility to all students on selective basis and boys up to class VI only. Students availing this facility shall have to pay the conveyance fee for 12 months in 8 installments along with the college fee. College is not responsible for private modes of transport used by the students.The facility will be withdrawn fir Bus Fee Defaulters at the end of the month.Late fee of Rs.100/- will be charged from conveyance fee defaulter per month.

Cycle Stand:

All students must keep their cycles/scooters etc. in the cycle stand. Parking in front of main entrance and college campus is prohibited.

Note :

- Driving License and Helmets are compulsory for students driving two-wheelers. - The contractor, not the college,shall be answerable and responsible to the students/persons availing cycle stand facility.