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A Tribute to the National Language

  • Developing ones own language is the key to every development.

    Posted On 11 September 2017

    “nij bhaasha unnati ahai, sab unnati ko mool. bin nij bhaasha-gyaan ke, mitat na hiy ko sool.” (Developing one's own language is the key to every development. Without knowledge of language, knowledge is not enough.) The oft quoted lines of Bhartendu Harishchandra ignited the very spirit of the Hindi Diwas celebration at Unity College on 8th September, 2017. It was a proud gesture enthused with fervor and gusto as a mark of acknowledgement of Hindi, the National Language of India. College Principal Mr. Francis Castelino welcomed the Chief Guest Mr. Suryakumar Pandey, Guest of Honour Prof. Mohd. Al Ahmed from IGNOU and Judges Mr. Shyam Mishra a well-known poet and Prof. Qamar Jahan from Banaras Hindu University. He addressed the audience in Hindi as a tribute to our language. Addressing the audience, Mr. Pandey stressed that every person should know Hindi as it is now a common language which has adopted words of other languages. The ‘Hindi Samaroh’-a cultural fiesta commenced with the divine rendition from the Quran, the Gita and the Bible. Then the eye feasting action song ‘Khoob Laddi Mardani Wo To Jhansi Wali Rani Thi’ by the Pre-primary wing, rocked the stage as the Jhansi Ki Rani appeared in full valour to fight the Britishers away from her Mother Country. Her ferocious, energetic performance brought goose bumps among the audience. They expressed their appreciation with a loud applause, even the esteemed guests honored the protagonist individually. Next was the play based on the thought provoking, emotional story ‘Eid Gaah’. It showcased the love and concern of a young orphan for his grandmother, notwithstanding his poverty, hunger, and fascination for sweets and toys. It was followed by a speech on importance of Hindi in contemporary society. Last was a skit depicting the importance of the trio- Hindi, Urdu and English languages. It grabbed the attention of the audience with its significant message- our progress depends on the promotion and unity of all the three tongues that goes with our diverse culture integrated with unity. The audience were enthralled and spellbound with the fluent language spoken by the students. The colourful literary fiesta culminated with a vote of thanks by College President Dr. S. Kalbe Sadiq.