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  • Childrens Day brings about fun and frolic

    Posted On 19 November 2020

    “The best way to make children good is to make them happy.” Children’s Day brings about fun and frolic all around. Apart from the tribute children offer to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru ‘Chacha Nehru’, the D-day speaks of children’s rights, care and education. The concept of celebration aims at celebrating the wellbeing or welfare of the children. This 131st Birth Anniversary of our First Prime Minister has been earmarked to plan something exclusive for our children whom the pandemic has threatened with social distancing and school closures. And the School Management and Teachers left no stone unturned to make the highly anticipated day Special for the children. Keeping in line with large scale social distancing requirements, Unity College celebrated the Children’s Day amidst warmth and great festive fervour on the virtual platform.The purpose of the celebration was to strengthen spiritual ties with the Unity family and continue them even in the midst of the unexpected pandemic. Each Grade celebrated with virtual and traditional games as well as various other activities, which all the students participated in from the comfort of their homes. To make the festive mood more fun and colourful for the Children, the Pre-Primary and Primary Section at Unity College organized a series of interesting and exciting Class-wise (LN to V) activities on Zoom, all planned meticulously to dedicate the day entirely to them for their complete entertainment. Theme based programmes were chosen and formed a unique way of celebration. PRE-PRIMARY L.N:Treasure Hunt - Lower Nursery students were given a game which incorporated adventure and fantasy and catered to kids' curious nature. The Treasure hunt was the perfect activity to enable their fun-loving and adventurous nature while keeping them entertained throughout. U.N:Upper Nursery students were given 'Mimic me' activity where the children enthusiastically mimicked the figure on the given flash cards. Prep: A memory game was played wherein the children had to recall the objects that the teacher showed them for a few seconds and hid them. The little ones had a phenomenal time playing the game. PRIMARY CLASS I - Class I students had to play Treasure Hunt online with their class teachers and the theme was Yellow. They enjoyed the game throughout and were left with asking for more. CLASS II - Children love to have a colourful ambience. Class II students were given a game ‘What's your name?’ with the theme ‘party dresses’ instead of the mundane uniform wherein they dressed up in beautiful party dresses and played the game with lots of vigour. CLASS III - Class III children were given a game ‘All about me’ where they had to write two things they like or dislike on a piece of paper. The game unleashed their likes and dislikes and they participated enthusiastically. CLASS IV - Class IV students were given an activity based game wherein chits were thrown and they were asked to choose a number directing a fun-filled activity which they had to do. The children looked cheery and enjoyed themselves throughout the game. CLASS V - Class V boys and girls were given a theme ‘Crazy / different hairstyles’. For the girls who wear scarf, had to drape it in a different way.A tribute to childhood would always be memorable incorporated with fun-filled activities. Childhood photos of the children were collected and shared by the Class Teacher wherein they had to identify or guess who the child was. The children enjoyed the session with full zeal and enthusiasm and looked absolutely fantastic with different hairstyles and Hijab styles. The children and the teachers were pleased to have an informal and interesting Chit Chat session with each other thereafter, hereby strengthening their bond. The Headmistress, Ms. Kainaat Mansoor greeted and wished the Children and applauded the teachers and the students in making the occasion memorable. In the Senior Section, Vice Principal Mr. C.S. Paul greeted all the students and wished them health and happiness. The day began with Teachers’ warm greetings pouring in class groups, followed by cute messages of gratitude from the students. Each class from VI to XII was given a task-time of three hours splashing with fun, cheers and skills. Class VI children expressed their love for ChachaNehru by making his stunning portraits. Class VII students zealously participated in the Quiz Competition encompassing Pt. Nehru and India. Class VIII became busy in Collage-Making. As the topic was ‘Awadhi Culture’, they beautifully portrayed Lucknow-its rich culture and heritage through eye-catching pictures. Class IX had a jolly time while they partook in the fun quiz designed by their teachers. Class X posted videos/images exhibiting their multifarious skills and made the ‘Talent Hunt’ a treasure box .Class XI made the day special by weaving interesting stories on the given topics and narrating it in a very enchanting manner with all expressions, annotations and modulations. Last but not the least, the senior most Class participated in ‘Logo Designing for College Houses’ and submitted remarkable entries. Principal Mr. Francis Castelino applauded the students and teachers in making the Day memorable despite insurmountable restrictions. He wished them to be safe andhappy, to dream big and achieve high, and above all to be good humans.