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    Posted On 11 October 2020

    As DAANUTSAV - Joy of Giving Week is India's biggest festival of giving during 2nd Oct to 8th Oct, all citizens come together and lend their charity of time, material or money to any cause of their choice to make a difference to many lives in need. Unity College joined the noble celebration and engaged in Charity- Gratitude to doctors, Loving Regards to Grannies&Grandpas’, making Masks & Cloth Bags besides facilitating the students with Health & Hygiene Webinars. As a part of DaanUtsav on 3rd October, 2020, a Webinar for Girls ‘Countdown to Zero’ was was organised by Unity College in collaboration withMs. Anuradha from Prithvi Innovations and Dr. Mandakini&Gynecologist Dr. MeenakshiBharathfrom HASNAA Foundationwith an aim to offer green insights, green gifts and guilt free green lifestyle to the young girls who have just set foot in the journey of womanhood. Besides, it was an attempt to tackle the issue of human rights and dignity of manual scavengers. Gynecologist Dr. MeenakshiBharath addressed the virtual meeting and abreast the Class VII girls with the physical and pubertal growth, the do’s and don’ts during periods, and gave medical advice to avert specific problems and complications. She told that sustainable dressings not only help to reduce waste on earth but also is economical. She also cleared their fears and doubts over switching to sustainable alternatives. On 5th October, an Online Zoom Session with Dr. Mandakini Shukla and Dr. ReshmiChhokar from HASNAA foundation was organised to abreast the young kids of class Prep with the oral diseases and provide expert guidance to maintain better oral hygiene and healthy habits at a young age. In the interactive session, Dr. Shukla demonstrated good tooth brushing techniques using a brush and a dummy set of teeth. She recommended changing their brushes every three to four months, or when the bristles get frayed.Dr. ReshmiChhokar delivered a lecture on the importance of nutritional needs, eating habits and lifestyle patterns, and stressed on eating wholesome and homemade food, particularly avoiding junk food. Lastly, Dr. Shukla gave them tips to wash their hands regularly and wear a mask to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus and other infections. Headmistress Ms. Kainaat Mansoor demonstrated the correct way of wearing the mask to provide maximum protection. October 6 was dedicated to the Doctors who are the true Frontline Corona Warriors. No words can express our gratitude and thanks to their relentless services to the society while putting their own health at stake. Young students conveyed gratitude to these Doctors through beautifully handcrafted cards, mostly from recycling old ones. These beautiful messages were conveyed to the Doctors working at KGMU through Ms. Sapna of Eshwar Foundation. Students in the Pre-Primary classes too joined the DAANUTSAV during their routine storytelling sessions. They were told about loving their Grandparents. As a follow up activity, Upper Nursery made beautiful cards for their grannies&grandpas’. The weeklong celebration culminated on 8th October with the mass deed of empathy and charity. The College joined this philanthropic drive to reach the needy in collaboration with Robinhood Army. Eager to share with the have not's, the zealous students and teachers came forward to collect old clothes, cloth bags, stationery, and masks and practice the art of giving. Headmistress Ms. Kainaat Mansoor, PTIs Ms. Shahwaar andMr. Amir along with students Anamta Nasir and Abdul Ahad distributed the collected articles in the slum at Telibagh. Some masks were handed over to the Robinhood Army who in collaboration with Nagar Nigam will forward the deed at night and distribute the same to rickshaw pullers and the needy who are the most vulnerable to the deadly virus. Principal Mr. Francis Castelino thanked Prithvi Innovations, HASNAA Foundation, Robinhood Army, Eshwar Foundation along with Vice Principal Mr. C. S. Paul and Headmistress Ms. Kainaat Mansoor for their countless contributions and coordination. He also appreciated the benefaction of the students and teachers in making DaanUtsav a huge success.