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    Posted On 21 October 2019

    The Declamation contest ‘Hindi Shabd Panditya’ held at Unity College on 17th October, 2019 amidst all enthusiasm and excitement of reclaiming famous speeches. The aim was to enhance public speaking skills and sparking healthy &positive competition. Classes III to VIII came up to vie with their competitors in public speaking skills. They presented a wide range of influential orators like MaulanaAbulKalam Azad, Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, LalBahadurShastri, SushmaSwaraj and ArvindKejrival. Their powerful speeches were full of passion and dramatic flair. They impressed all the present at the occasion. Principal Mr. Francis Castelino appreciated the students and teachers for the meticulous show.

    Unity College held an Inter Class Declamation
    Posted On 29 July 2019

    Unity College held an Inter-Class Declamation Contest on 27th July, 2019, to hone communication skills and promote critical thinking among the students. Classes III to VIII displayed their oratory talent by declaiming famous speeches of great personalities like KailashSatyartari, Malala YousufZai, Steve Jobs, Michelle Obama, Shahrukh Khan and AzimPremji. It was a treat to listen to all the participants delivering the speeches with keen enthusiasm and perfection. The audience was enthralled to feel the very essence of great speeches, and so were the participants receiving prizes for the best deliveries. Principal Mr. Francis Castelino and Vice-Principal Mr. C. S. Paul appreciated the spoken attributes of the students. The result table is below: Juniors- POSITION NAME CLASS 1 FARWA ZEHRA III-C 2 MARIYAM NAQVI III-C 3 KANZA ALAM III-A 1 ZEHRA FATIMA IV-B 2 YAMAN RIZVI IV-A 3 HUDA FATIMA IV-B 3 FABIHA MEHDI IV-C 1 MANTASHA ZEHRA V-C 2 SYED ALI MURTUZA V-A 3 WAJEEHA NAQVI V-B Seniors- POSITION NAME CLASS 1 FATIMA MOOSVI VI-B 2 KASHISH FATIMA VI-A 3 HADEES FATIMA VI-C 1 FIRDOUS FATIMA VII-A 2 HIBA ZEHRA VII-B 3 ABBAS SAEED VII-C 1 WAREESHA REHMAN VIII-B 2 AZZAMAN ABBAS RIZVI VIII-B 3 SARIYA QURESHI VIII-C