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    Posted On 7 July 2021

    The unprecedented and difficult times amid the Coronavirus crisis have reminded us about the contribution and sacrifices made by the doctors and the healthcare staff around the globe. To honour this noble profession, Doctor’s Day is celebrated on different dates across the world whereas in India, we celebrate on July 1 to commemorate the memory of one of the most famous physicians in India Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy. This year it is all the more special because it highlights the dedication of their selfless service in these trying times by risking their lives in dedicated Coronavirus care facilities. To lay emphasis on the value of doctors in our lives and their humane services to mankind, Unity College observed Doctor’s Day in a very interesting way.The Primary section at Unity College organised various online activities to make the students aware of the priceless roles of doctors in everyone’s lives and encourage them to choose and dedicatedly follow the medical profession later in their lives. The Primary students were given the following activities and were asked to send the pictures on their respective class WhatsApp groups. Class I – It is true that nowadays, greeting cards are slightly out of fashion. However, this does not take away the happy feeling a card can give. Class I students expressed their gratitude towards the doctors by making motivational thank you cards for them with their personalised messages. These tiny tots took keen interest and showcased their artistic talent by making beautiful thank you greeting cards. Some of them even addressed them to their family doctors. They prayed for their wellbeing and showed immense love and support for them by thanking them for the selfless service round the clock. Class II – Class II students exhibited their skills by making essential medical equipment like thermometer, ambulance, sanitizer bottles, masks and stethoscopes out of waste models like old shoe boxes, cans, old pipes, threads, plastic jars cardboard, bottle caps and glace paper etc. The activity helped them in knowing the different types of medical tools used also showcasing their hidden talents and creative minds. Class III – They had to make posters with 10 categories of doctors and their specific names and the disease they treat with associated organs. The students made exemplary posters displaying different types of doctors and the disease they treat. This activity helped the children in having a rough idea of different types of doctors and medical specialists and showcased their scholastic sides in an artistic way. Class IV – The students were asked to prepare a First-Aid kit having essential items in it. The little ones exhibited their talent and made well-stocked First-Aid kits using different materials and containers. The activity made the students aware of basic aspects of first aid and dealing with emergency situations and what products to use. Class V- Class V students tried to make a difference to the community by making health posters using coloured papers to promote health awareness with creative pictures and powerful written messages on them. These posters could help reduce stigma, increase wellness and improve health and safety.It gave them an opportunity to reach out and share information and promote awareness on their physical wellbeing and let people know that they matter. Learning, coupled with fun and excitement witnessed on this day was overwhelming. These activities recognised the contribution of physicians or medical fraternity to individual lives and communities. Their contribution through these activities was truly a salute to the doctors. At the time of the ongoing pandemic, doctors are at the forefront and leading the battle. Their commitment in keeping the nation safe and healthy in these challenging times is truly exceptional.