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Declamation Contest

  • Unity College organized the Declamation Contest for Classes III to IX

    Posted On 6 August 2018

    Declamation is the opportunity to relive the powerful moments and strong communications of the great personalities whose footprints are indelible as well as inspirational. Unity College organized the Declamation Contest for Classes III to IX with an aim to develop communication skills and promote critical thinking among the students. The participants displayed confidence, enthusiasm and rhetoric. They declaimed on a wide range of speeches of freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose and Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Political leader Narendra Modi, Social Activists Malala Yousafazi and Martin Luther King Junior and Mother Teresa, Literary figureShylock, andCelebrity Priyanka Chopra. The audience was enthralled to enjoy a variety of beautiful, strong speeches. Of all the speeches, Fatima of class V became the star performer as her forceful delivery of Martin Luther King Junior’s speech ‘I have a Dream’ rocked the stage. She was truly able to cast the very spirit of his aspiring dream. The judges for the occasion adjudged the speakers under the criteria of diction, pronunciation, expression, intonation and overall performance. The winners were awarded later in the morning assembly of the next day. College Joint Secretary Dr. Mohd. Talha was all praise for the confident contestants who were able to deliver with correct articulation. Principal Mr. Francis Castelino congratulated all the speakers and their teachers for the excellent show. He said he was stunned to see the young orators delivering so well. The literary morning of power-packed speeches concluded with beautiful moments to be cherished afterwards.