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  • On 18th October 2017 Maulana Zaki Baqri from Canada graced the College

    Posted On 23 October 2017

    On 18th October, 2017, Maulana Zaki Baqri from Canada graced the College with his benign presence and addressed the students. He began his lecture with a genuine question- “Who is controlling your life?” unanimously the reply was “Allah”. But he dispelled the illusion by revealing that actually some negative aspects (materialistic perspectives) are the real controllers. He said all religions teach us not to fight or do wrong, then what is unique in the teachings of the Quran? It teaches ‘Taqwa’ which means to live a life as per the commands of God. The day our controller is Allah, we shall not lose anything. He also quoted one famous American writer who has written that the Prophet (SA) is the most successful of all the men on earth. At the age of 40, he was chosen the Prophet (S.A.). He started teaching Islam with a handful of followers and now there are 1.8 billion Muslims in the world population of 7.6 billion. Not a single second passes that the Muazzin doesn’t give the Azaan. He exhorted the students to offer Namaz punctually and also on time. They should recite 10 aayats with translation every day. It will surely change their perspective which will have constructive influence on their actions. And they should adopt positive energies and repel negative ones. They should develop time management skills primarily and organize themselves. They should always be truthful and honest. He concluded his lecture stressing that the Quran is not the book of Muslims but for the entire humanity. It is we who have to change ourselves as per the teachings of the Quran and the humanitarian attitude. It was followed by an interactive session with him. Answering a question on women empowerment, he said it is only a hollow slogan. It takes you out of your dignity. God has created man and woman equally. The session ended with deep enlightenment and noble resolutions.