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    Posted On 1 December 2019

    “Every Art should become Science and every Science should become Art.” To epitomize this brilliant idea of amalgamation, Unity College organized the Science, Art & Craft Workshop cum Exhibition 2019 on 30th November. The event was fashioned and designed with an aim to bring out the innate artistic and scientific talent, and to nurture and implement their innovative ideas.On this day, the College campus was transformed into a mesmerizing gallery of beautiful artifacts and models. The gala exhibition was inaugurated by Chief Guest Mr. Rajendra Prasad, HOD, Fine Arts, Dr.ShakuntalaMisra National Rehabilitation University, Lucknow. Dr. Prasad said the students’ creativity and innovations is beyond praise.It will surely be a positive incentive in their future careers too. To begin with the Pre-Primary, the various means of transport captivated the parents and guardians. Amidst the cute vehicles of paper folding, pasting and colouring, the great ship, truck and aero plane were just eye-catching.The nimble hands were seen still at crafting hot air balloons and small trucks out of waste boxes. The Primary Section displayed the Water Kingdom which showcased a variety of Marine life, The Fantasy World where the witches and ghosts of the Haunted House gave a ghastly thrill to one and all along with the beautiful fairies, Conservation of Resources displayed a variety of working models used to conserve soil, water, light, etc.The Stage of Light brought out the creativity of beautiful lamps, andA World of Paintings showcased a variety of paintings done by young hands. The senior classes VI to XI transported the spectators to the states of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and the Union Territory Kashmir, and presented a vivid glimpse of magnificent monuments, tasty cuisine, marvelous art and culture and their language too. The Awadhi Shaan, SanjhaChoolha, shikaara, puppet show and selfie pointswere just stunning. The Science Gallery showcased the scientific and innovative temperament in making static as well as working models. The projects ranged from A Smoke Absorber, Mars Rover, A PenguinRobot, Bio flock System, Air Pollution Control Hydro Electrical Plant to many others.The Computer Section showed the Evolution of Computers from the first generation to the fifth and further displayed designed and developed systems and applications like CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) Machine, Horoscope, Website Development, Scratch Game,etc.Last but not the least was the Theology Departmentinviting all to the spiritual world of religious doctrines, while Q-School to life andpractices of the Prophet (PBUH) and the Quran. The day finally culminated with words of appreciation by the College Joint Secretary Dr. M. Talha &Principal Mr. Francis Castelino who appreciated the incredible work of the students and teachers. At the same time, theyaccentuated the significance of such events in the holistic development of the students.