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    Posted On 2 October 2020

    Mahatma Gandhi is revered in this Nation and rightly so. His ideologies and philosophies still mesmerize the world. The essence of Gandhi Jayanti celebration transcends far beyond commemorating Mahatma Gandhi's birth and his life. To teach the children about the man who galvanized a whole Nation to stand up on its feet and fight for its right, Unity College, Lucknow celebrated the 151st birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi online this year. To make students familiar with the life and struggles of Bapu, the Pre-Primary & Primary section of Unity College conducted numerous activities for Classes LN - V. The students were given a plethora of activities class-wise to commemorate the special day. These little hands with imaginative minds came together in a creative burst of energy with full zeal and enthusiasm. The students of LN and UN made spectacular models on Gandhiji's symbols or belongings like his Watch, Spectacles, Spinning Wheels / Charkhas, his Walking Stick using paper, ice-cream sticks, and thread. Classes Prep, 1 & 2 made beautiful finger puppets, cardboard puppets, ice-cream stick puppets, and paper puppets themed on Gandhiji's life and events. It gave them a deep insight into the life and times of Gandhiji. To bring awareness among the students and bring about a behaviour change regarding sanitation practices, the students of Class 3 were asked to use their imagination in making posters on the Cleanliness Campaign to mark the importance of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan launched by Shri Narendra Modi on 2nd October. They made exemplary posters signifying the importance of cleanliness and hygiene and came up with very inspiring and heart-touching slogans. Class 4 students made impeccable 3-D models of Gandhiji's belongings like his Watch, Spectacles, Charkha & Walking Stick, etc. that were very much worthy of praise. The videos of working models and images of non-working models were posted. 2nd of October is a day to embrace the timeless teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. To signify the importance and understanding of Gandhiji's most famous lessons - See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Speak No Evil, Class 5 students were given a task of drawing and writing about these three monkeys and also to depict the fourth one using their cognitive skills. These children stunned everyone with their outstanding drawings and explanations of the wise monkeys and each interpreting their own variation of the fourth wise monkey. Activities of such kind help the students in developing their cognitive skills, exploring and giving their creativity a sense of involvement. The Senior Section of Unity College, students, and teachers engaged themselves with the webinars organised by the Azim Premji Foundation on the concluding couple of days to mark the 151st birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and imbibe the core values of Gandhi for a better society. On 1st October, Bharat Bala-Filmmaker talked on Gandhi & Diversity of India emphasising that Gandhiji and his ideology is a timeless asset. He said Gandhi does not belong to the past but to the future. It is factual that violence is the first impulse but at all times we can find another way, e.g. discourse, etc. The next webinar ‘Mohan Se Mahatma’ was with puppeteer MithileshDubey. At the onset, he broadcasted the mesmerizing puppet show on the life story of Mahatma Gandhi. He stressed on Gandhi’s childhood anecdotes as joyful and lasting lessons for kids. It was followed by ’Gandhi & Music’- a worth pondering discourse with MadhukarUpadhyay. He shared many lovely, eye-opening anecdotes telling Gandhi’s every connection with music. On the final day 2nd October, Living Gandhi MadhavSahasrabudhe from Pune gave voice to the Gandhian practice of spinning Charkha. He also demonstrated the whole process, advocating the skills and benefits of Khadi. The last but not the least was the session ‘What Does Gandhi Mean to Us Today’. Principal Mr. Francis Castelino expressed profound gratitude to Azim Premji Foundation for privileging students and teachers to understand the relevance of Gandhiji and his ideology in the present perspective and at all times. An array of these activities helped the students in understanding the values of virtues that help in the peaceful coexistence of both people and our Nation together.