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Graduation Ceremony 2018 at Unity

  • Graduation is not the end its the beginning

    Posted On 29 March 2018

    “Graduation is not the end, it’s the beginning.” - Orrin Hatch The most special day in the scholastic march of little champs of Pre-Primary at Unity College is the Graduation Ceremony. It is the day when they graduate the kid curriculum to set foot into the portals of Primary classes. This formal ceremony is organized with an aim to give a graceful adieu to the senior most students of the tiny tots’ wing before venturing into conducive classrooms and formal lessons. This year the proud ceremony was held on 26 th March, 2018. Dr. Nirja Singh, Principal of National P.G. College, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. She was warmly welcomed by College Principal Mr. Francis Castelino. Appreciating the short but fabulous show, Dr. Nirja Singh said that the two items were equal to two lakh items. She also reminded the parents of their dual responsibility that they are teachers at home, while the teachers are guardians at school. The parents should not only be their child’s companions but their confidants too. Only then we can protect our future citizens from the negative influence of Modern Technology. The function commenced with the divine rendition of the three holy scriptures: Quran, Bagwat Geeta and the Bible followed by a cheerful dance of class Upper Nursery accompanying the mellifluous, high-sounding lines of “Chhoona hai Asmaan”.They rocked the stage and stole the hearts of the loving parents. The attractive props and befitting backdrop marked their high aspiration and determination. Next eye-feasting, mesmerizing order of events was the didactic act on deforestation and afforestation. The musical play began with the picturesque, blissful wildlife which is destroyed by humans by felling trees, but later the motherly green shelter is regained by the magical seed of new trees. The whole act spell bound the audience whose immediate response was a loud applause. Class Prep students with radiant pride walked down the aisle to receive their degrees. They marked the celebration of accomplishments and aspirations by throwing their black degree caps in the air. Their innocent enthusiasm and cherubic faces spread smiles and cheers all around. The vibrant function concluded with the vote of thanks by College President Dr. S. Kalbe Sadiq. He said that Islam is a religion of love and peace. It teaches us to save life even at the disruption of worship. A religious man lives for others while an irreligious one lives for himself alone.