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Green Market

  • PrePrimary Wing of Unity College observed the Market Day

    Posted On 8 November 2017

    On 7th November, the Pre-Primary Wing of Unity College observed the Market Day. Attired like Indian grocers in sarees and dhotis, the kids were very enthusiastic to sell their vegetables and fruits. Almost all kinds of vegetables from green chilies to pumpkins and a variety of fruits like guavas, apples, and bananas to name a few were on display on different stalls. Even, sellers were using scales and weights for accuracy. The prizes were written on slates. As the sellers were very keenly advertising their articles and urging the visitors to buy, it appeared to be a real market scene. Students enjoyed fully and also learnt the skills of selling, buying, bargaining, and calculation of money. The day had a real learning experience and a pleasure of outdoor activity.