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    Posted On 5 October 2020

    Oral disease is a significant worldwide public health problem estimated to affect a lot of kids every year. Educating children at a young age under a dentist's expert guidance to maintain better oral hygiene can set healthy behaviour for life. Keeping this in mind, as part of DaanUtsav,Dr. MandakiniShukla and Dr. ReshmiChhokar (FROM HASNAA FOUNDATION) were invited to conduct an Online Zoom session organised by the Pre-Primary Section of Unity College for students of Class Prep on 5th October 2020. It was an interactive session between Dr. Shukla and the young ones where she demonstrated good tooth brushing techniques using a brush and a dummy set of teeth. She recommended changing their brushes every three to four months, or when the bristles get frayed.The little ones saw the demonstration avidly with a whole lot of gusto and enthusiasm. To incorporate healthy eating habits in children, Dr. ReshmiChhokar delivered a lecture about the importance of nutritional needs, eating habits and lifestyle patterns. She encouraged good nutritional habits by emphasising more on eating wholesome and homemade food and particularly avoiding junk food. To educate students and make them informed citizens about the deadly novel Coronavirus and how they can protect themselves from the hazards, Dr. Shukla gave them tips to wash their hands regularly and wear a mask to slow the spread of the virus and other infections. The Headmistress of the College demonstrated the correct way of wearing the mask to fit it snugly and provide maximum protection. She thanked the esteemed doctors and HASNAA Foundation for conducting such an informative session that would actually make a difference.The last few minutes were dedicated to an open question- answer session for queries put up by the parents. The students were particularly charmed to learn about new ways of practicing a regular Oral Health Care routine and by the end of the highly interactive session,they felt better informed and promised to follow good oral hygiene.