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    Posted On 2 September 2019

    “For good ideas and true innovation you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.” Unity College held the Inter-House Debate Competition on 31st August, 2019with an aim to expose students to free speech, critical thinking and also to hone their communication skills. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mr. Mustafa Kassem. He emphasized on the conceptual understanding of subjects rather than rote memorization since it is a prerequisite for excellence in academics. College Secretary Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi said debating and public speaking skills are of utmost importance for each and every student. It will help them throughout their life. The debate commenced with the lottery of topics.It was followed by one hour preparation. All the four Houses fielded two teams each for the Junior and Senior categories. The Juniors expressed their views emphatically and enthusiastically on the topic‘Competition is a necessary part of the education process’, while the Seniors articulated eloquently on the contemporary issue ‘Social networking and social networking sites have a good impact on society’. The College Central Hall reverberated with impressive and interesting arguments of the young debaters. The most exciting was the Rebuttal Round. The House was open for the participants to ask their opponents questions pertaining to the matter presented by the debaters. The competition became lively as each debater rose to the occasion to defend his argument. TheJury Members, Ms. Shabana Ahmad, Principal, Unity College II Shift and College Vice-Principal Mr. C.S. Paul appreciated the confidence, credibility and conviction with which the debaters put forward the pros and cons of the propositions of the House. The winners were conferred with cups and certificates. Tagore House lifted the most coveted Champion’s Trophy. The curtain drew on the lively arena of words with the words of wisdom by the College Principal Mr. Francis Castelino. He exhorted the students to be confident, bold and vocal.