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  • It was conducted in two categories Junior and Senior.

    Posted On 2 November 2017

    Unity College witnessed a lively arena of words on the occasion of the Inter-House Debate Contest on 28th October 2017. It was conducted in two categories- Junior and Senior. The propositions were picked up by draw one hour before the debate. This time was given for preparation. Later, the Central Hall reverberated with witty, ingenious arguments and powerful rhetoric. The representatives of the various Houses spoke vehemently on the issues: “We Cannot Stop Child Labour In India” (Senior) and “Whatsapp Does More Harm Than Good To The Society” (Junior). The enthusiastic and confident speakers put across their perspectives on contemporary topics with credibility. The rebuttal round was the most interesting as the views and counterviews were interesting as well as impressive. The judges appreciated the standard of the debate and commended the quality of discussion by all the young debaters. The Principal Mr Francis Castelino congratulated all the zealous speakers for their healthy debating spirit. This activity will not only hone their oratory skills but instill confidence in them to think critically in this information age and speak up at the right time.?