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    Posted On 29 May 2020

    With the deadly Coronavirus spreading its tentacles around the world and taking lives, it has become a universal fear. In order to prevent the transmission of novel Coronavirus, Unity College classes LN to VIII urged the students to make homemade safety face masks using the leftover materials at home. The crucial purpose for this activity was to educate students and make them informed citizens about the deadly virus and how they can protect themselves from hazards. During this period of lockdown when most of the people from various sectors have lost their jobs and do not have access to facemasks, this was a unique initiative in a humanitarian gesture undertaken by the College Heads whereby those masks were to be donated to the needy. These little hands with imaginative minds came together in a creative burst of energy. With full zeal and enthusiasm they figured a way to do something positive and make a difference. It was recommended to use leftover cotton breathe-through fabrics at their places as these cloth coverings help to reduce transmissions by acting as an additional defense against spreading the virus.The students with the help of their parents showed their creativity by making safe three-layered cotton cloth masks. Each student had to make 05 masks and were asked to post pictures of the masks on WhatsApp. Parents were directed to drop the masks at the College drop boxes placed outside at different time slots to ensure safety and thereby maintaining social distancing. These masks will later be distributed among the needy. The sole aim of the College Management was to serve the public in this Pandemic. We should rise above all issues and differences to help each other in this testing time for humanity and embark on 'giving or donating'.