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  • Unity College has been at the helm of taking up humanitarian issues

    Posted On 23 April 2021

    Unity College has been at the helm of taking up humanitarian issues and motivating its students to partake in such activities that are for the betterment of the society. Like last year, this time too, analyzing the current Covid situation in our city, with the deadly Coronavirus spreading its tentacles around the world and taking lives,students from LN to class V were motivated to participate in a Mask Making Activity in which they were asked to make triple layered masks. It was recommended to use leftover cotton breathe-through fabrics at their places as these cloth coverings help to reduce transmissions by acting as an additional defense against spreading the virus.Each student was requested to make 05 masks and were asked to post pictures of the masks on their class WhatsApp groups.Parents were directed to drop the masks at the drop boxes placed at the College Gate at different time slots to ensure safety and thereby maintaining social distancing. These masks will be sanitized and later distributed among the needy to prevent the spread of infection. All the students actively participated in the activity and contributed towards the noble cause. This activity thus helped in cultivating a sense of responsibility and unity among students towards the society and broadened their perspective on the importance of helping others in times of need.