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    Posted On 7 July 2021

    MATH ENRICHMENT - ASEEMA CONDUCTS A WEBINAR In association with ASEEMA Charitable Trust, the College organised a Mathematics session, strictly following Covid appropriate behaviour, for the Pre-Primary & Primary sections to equip the teachers with better tools to achieve their goals of sculpting students for ensuing success. The session was conducted by two of their refined resource persons Ms. Sharmeen Shah and LeonitaFernandes. It opened with an intriguing question ‘What does Math mean to us as an individual?’ The teachers shared their experiences and there was a bitter and logical conclusion that delivery of a concept decides its validity in the minds of learners. Another open ended question that was tossed was ‘Do we use formal Mathematics in our daily lives?’ The query attracted several interesting responses from the teachers like “Math is all around us”, “We can’t escape Math and it follows us wherever we go”. These thrilling notions stimulated the trainers as well as the participants. The tone for the session was set and it was discussed that the best way to make lessons fruitful is to connect them with the learner’s interest. Students are fond of games and sports, a smart teacher will connect the different balls used in cricket, baseball, football, etc. with shapes, sizes and weight. The easiest way to drill concepts in the minds is by creating real life examples. The concepts of pairing, counting and matching can be made as easy as falling off a log for the Kindergarten students by bringing similar objects like socks of different colours and designs and asking the students to sort them, the child will effortlessly learn pairing, matching and counting. The session encouraged peer teaching and giving of leadership goals to the students which help the slow learners to witness a particular concept from a totally different perspective and they don’t fear the stigma of being tagged as weak students. The Webinar was signed off by emphasising the virtue of learning from mistakes and planning to eradicate those loopholes in the future. It is rightly said that the only way to Learn Mathematics is to do Mathematics.