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  • Unity College organized the Mock Parliament 2019 on 21st December

    Posted On 13 January 2019

    “Vision leads to change, change leads to difference, and difference leads to progress”. With such a frame work of ideology and to promote undertaking of the working of government, Unity College organized the Mock Parliament 2019 on 21st December. The power packed session of Lok Sabha witnessed honourable Prime Minister and his team vs. the opposition. The proceedings commenced with the introduction of a bill regarding the purchase of machines with the clauses to manufacture in the country or to buy/import from foreign countries like Germany, Japan, USA, Russia, China and so on. The modus operandi included solemn proposition, prudent suggestions, counter arguments and required amendments followed by final voting that churned the bill into a law after the approval of the President. The busy session was all through very engrossing and captivating. The confident participants had a feel of the responsible leaders of tomorrow. The awe struck audience acknowledged and appreciated with loud applause. Principal Mr. Francis Castelino congratulated the students and their teachers for the marvelous show.