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  • Unity College organized the Mock World Parliament 2018 on 12th January

    Posted On 15 January 2018

    It is so rightly said that discussions bring peaceful solutions that later impact our practical approach. In keeping with this paradigm, Unity College organized the Mock World Parliament 2018 on 12th January in which students of Classes VII to IX participated. The aim was to make the students aware with the working of the General Assembly of United Nations and also to abreast them with the major issues that have been jolting the present world. The agenda up for discussion in the Mock World Assembly was “Is There a Good Reason for America’s War on Terror?”, “Is the Gulf War Justified?” and “Have Nuclear Weapons Destroyed Our Society?” The agenda was framed considering the present world under the trauma of war and terror. An array of delegates from around 25 countries encompassing USA, Russia, North Korea, Pakistan and India to name a few, attended the World Parliament. The session turned out to be a huge success with an immensely constructive debate among the tremendously well researched world parliamentarians. The finesse with which the students showcased their oratory skills, confidence and knowledge took the audience by awe. College Secretary Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi applauded the students stating that it was really an impressive parliament. The pupils’ immense talent, confidence and knowledge was just amazing. He exhorted the future pillars saying that nothing is more important than peace and unity without which the world can not progress. Principal Mr. Francis Castelino too appreciated the confidence and caliber of the young students and the great efforts put in by the Social Science Department in making the session enriching as well as interesting.