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  • With closure of schools and colleges .....

    Posted On 22 May 2020

    With closure of schools and colleges due to COVID-19 pandemic and rise of e-learning on digital platforms, Primary section of Unity College found it an ideal time to introduce students to indulge in working with constructive ways while having fun. One such e-learning that was introduced by the Headmistress and Primary teachers was a real-time online project-based learning. Students of Class I to V were given COVID -19 prompts to make COVID-19 coverage more comprehensible through writing, speaking and expressing through drawing. Integrated Projects on multiple subjects like Math, Science and Art were a part of the activity. Following projects were given to the students class-wise on 19th May 2020. I. Good habits that children imbibed during COVID-19 and the depiction of the effect of COVID on their College Campus. II. Making a house out of different Geometrical shape cuttings. III. Making and naming a mini-book of atleast seven pages having information about CORONAVIRUS. IV. Making a working model of Expanded Form and Place Value (with whatever resources they had at their place). V. Recording a 5 minutes audio in English and make a drawing on BEFORE AND AFTER-EFFECTS OF CORONAVIRUS ON THE WORLD. This was an opportunity for the students to show their creativity along with fun. These little hands with imaginative minds came together in a creative burst of energy.Inspite of a total lockdown, they figured a way to do something positive with full zeal and enthusiasm. Children exhibited their talent by making very unique and creative working models in Mathematics, making informative mini-books on Coronavirus, recording voice notes and drawing beautiful and informative pictures on Before and After Effects of Coronavirus. They used the social platform of WhatsApp to post their projects the very next day. Such project based learning not just improves their writing and speaking skills but also gives them an insight into how they are dealing with this current situation and also creates self-awareness. It very clearly shows how the students are learning to stay positive in times of uncertainty.