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    Posted On 25 February 2021

    Seeds are pockets of potential we plant in the world around us. Potential we hope will someday grow big and ripe; that will return investment to us. When we plant a seed we don't just plant a sapling but hope. Plantation is a combined mission of all mankind to plant more and more saplings in order to save our ailing planet. To make the students aware of the importance of plants and trees, the Pre-Primary section at Unity College organised a plantation awareness activity using the video conferencing application, Zoom. This initiative was taken in order to make the little ones sensitive about the environment and making the planet greener, livelier and healthier.It was done to uphold the spirit of sustainable development and environmental sustainability. The students of Class L.N, U.N and Prep were asked to arrange different varieties of seeds like coriander, kidney bean,gram, etc. The Class Teachers instructed them online how to sow the seed in a small pot. Watching them enjoying the sowing activity was delightful beyond measure. They were directed by their respective Class Teachers to observe changes as the seeds begin to sprout and grow over time and to nurture the saplings as they grow and bear fruits by watering and looking after them henceforth teaching them responsibility. There will be a follow up session to check and ensure that the Saplings are being taken care of. The kids will show their pots in the next session.This activity provided them not only learning about plants but also knowledge in using various scientific skills like making observations and predictions. The teachers explained them grade-wise the ecological and environmental significance of Plantation, the lifecycle of a Plant, the process of pollination and its types. They made them understand how plantation helps biodiversity, ensures the supply of Oxygen and provides various other benefits. One of the most rewarding parts of this activity was that even though this was a part of education, no one had to teach the young ones to be happy about plants. They understood that to the core of their being. To bear the witness that kind of joy and appreciation was the best part of the whole experience. This environment friendly online activity helped sensitise the young ones to save and conserve our environment looking ahead to sustainability.