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    Posted On 27 January 2018

    The patriotic fervour and national pride was the very aura of the D’day at Unity College as the staff and the students gathered on the grassy campus to celebrate the 69th Republic Day. The function was attended by Honoured Guests: Dr. Husain Devji and his team from Canada, College President Dr. S. Kalbe Sadiq, Secretary Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi, Joint Secretary Dr. Mohd. Talha and other managing committee members. Unity College with its sister branches Unity College 2nd Shift, Unity Technical Training Center and Unity Veda Animation College hoisted the National Flag followed by the Nation Anthem. Addressing the audience, Dr. S. Kalbe Sadiq warmly wished every fellow citizen. He expressed his mixed feelings of joy and sorrow at the occasion and said that after decades of freedom; still our country has not progressed so far as compared to other countries. He further stressed as we can never expect fruits from a dry tree, we should always strive to be a fruit laden tree that is benevolent to all. We should shun corruption and be a person of consequence. In fact, when individuals progress, the whole nation progresses. The zealous participation of the students of Unity College and Unity College 2nd Shift made the function vibrant. Inspiring speeches in English and Urdu were eloquently delivered. The speakers very promptly raised the contemporary crucial issues regarding justice, corruption and liberty which are overshadowing the world’s second largest democracy. They exhorted their fellow students to stand for the noble cause and safeguard the rich legacy of the constitution makers. Then continuing the spontaneity of the commemoration was the beautiful, eye-feasting saree drill of tri-colours which combined together make our national flag. The sarees waving to foot tapping lines of ‘Jai-Ho’ and the echoing patriotic notes mesmerized the audience. Next was the action song ‘Dil diya hai jaan bhi degein’ showcasing the plurality of Indian culture. It very beautifully brought home the message that no doubt, there is unity and integrity among all the communities save a few bad elements who try to break the strong ties. Then the patriotic lines of ‘I love my India’ reverberated the ambience striking each soul to vow to Mother India the service of his love. Last but not the least, was the mind blowing skit ‘Gumshuda ganj’ that was conceptualized, penned and enacted by Class XI students. They very impressively portrayed the miserable conditions of Indian villages in the pre as well as post independence era. They also upheld the power of common men who vowed to bring a positive change by franchising their votes for worthy and righteous leaders. The skit was highly appreciated with loud applause. Secretary Mr. Rizvi asserted that it is the duty of teachers to groom their students as strong pillars of honesty, harmony and discipline who would lead the nation into a truly democratic, republic and progressive country. In conclusion Principal Mr. Castelino proposed a vote of thanks.