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    Posted On 27 January 2021

    On the auspicious date of 26th January, 2021, Unity College celebrated Republic Day in all its solemnity and grandeur. For the flag hoisting ceremony, Unity College was joined by its sister branches Unity College II Shift, Unity Technical Training Center and Unity Veda Animation College. The inclement weather couldn't slacken the spirit a bit. The whole College had worn the aura of love for the nation in its tricolour decorations. Owing to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, there was a slight twist this year as the commemoration was attended by senior students only while the juniors had online celebrations with their class teachers on Zoom sessions and Whatsapp groups. The ceremony of honour and pride commenced with the flag-hoisting by Chief Guest Mr. Shahid Manzar Abbas Rizvi, IAS-SPL Secretary, Agriculture Production Dept., Lucknow. The eyes were fixed on the fluttering Tiranga and the hearts were proud as the solemn tone of the National Anthem resounded in the air. Mr. Rizvi said the best way to commemorate the monumental day is to adhere to the fundamental principles laid down in our Constitution. He administered the students to pledge the Preamble to make India a strong, United and advanced nation. He stressed on including the value system in academics as the preamble is the value system of our governing bodies. Rights and duties go simultaneously and justice can be best defined in the words Hazrat Ali (A.S.) when every deserving man gets his right place. Principal Mr. Francis Castelino shared the most awaited news of the Padma Bhushan Award to the Founder President Dr. S. Kalbe Sadiq posthumously, and congratulated the family members and every Unitian on the occasion. The celebration proceeded to a rainbow of cultural events ranging from enthusiastic speeches to patriotic songs and memorable skits. The zealous speeches in English and Urdu paid a homage to our Constitution builders. Besides talking about the country's transformation into an advance and progressive nation, they also highlighted the present day issues of the pandemic, unemployment, poverty, illiteracy and corruption; at the same time, exhorted the individuals to play their active role towards the solution. Then the choir took the stage with the patriotic song 'We can Achieve’. The mellifluous lines of the song were punctuated with small acts of jubilations over India's achievements in the field of Covid19 vaccination, Sports and safeguarding its boundaries. The students of Unity College II Shift presented the wistful lines of 'Teri Mitti Mein Mil Jawa' accompanied with synchronised actions in the disguise of soldiers. Next was the awesome skit replicating the Constitution builders and its formation. The patriotic fervour was amplified many folds with joy as the Founder President received the Padma Bhushan posthumously in the field of education and spiritualism. Padma Bhushan is the third-highest civilian award in the Republic of India, conferred for "distinguished service of a high order...without distinction of race, occupation, position or sex." Warm tributes were offered to him and his mission of education, health and anti-superstition drive. Students presented heart-touching elegies authored by Teacher Ms. Sabiha Salman in English and Office Superintendent Mr. Shahid Husain in Urdu. College Secretary Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi expressed the vote of thanks. He also thanked Mr. Shahid Manzar Abbas Rizvi for sharing words of wisdom. Reiterating his words, he said we should make our students aware of our Constitution and motivate them to practice the same. He exhorted the students to achieve great heights, at the same devote themselves to selfless and simple service to the community and the nation. He especially thanked the Government of India for honouring the Founder of the College Dr. Kalbe Sadiq Sahab with the Padma Bhushan Award. The function culminated with the pledge to build a strong nation with inputs from every citizen.