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    Posted On 22 January 2021

    Language plays an important role in the all-round development of a child. Learning a language is the foremost step in the life of a child and the school plays a vital role to train the students in this direction. Appropriate words with correct spelling convey the right message so spelling becomes very important because it helps cement the connection that is shared between sounds and letters. With this objective, the Primary Section at Unity College organized an Online Spell Bee Competition for the students on 20th January, 2021 through Zoom to enhance their spelling and literary skills hence improving their communication and comprehension skills. All the students of ClassesI to V participated earnestly in the Online Spell Bee Competition with great fervor. A thorough orientation was done by their respective Class teachers before the event. The Competition comprised of the following three rounds. FIRST ROUND: 'Spell the Word'. SECOND ROUND: ' Missing letters' through flashcards. THIRD ROUND: 'Picture Round'. The participants had to guess the correct spelling of the given words. All the three rounds of the Spell Bee held the participants spellbound with their innovative approach of combining learning with fun and competition. Even the toughest words were spelt with unflinching ease. The students participated with great enthusiasm and dueled through the toughest words to prove their mettle and got a better grasp on their vocabulary. All the competitors did brilliantly and displayed some real impressive spelling skills. Summing up, the competition helped the children to familiarize with the spellings and the usage of many unfamiliar words. It was a wonderful learning experience for the participants and served to enrich the Vocabulary bank of the students. The Winners of the Spell Bee competition were given e-certificates by the College. Such comprehensive language development programmes comprise learning through the Play-way method and a healthy competitive spirit is thus encouraged. It is also an endeavour to keep pace with technology, the demand of the new age.