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Special Assembly

  • Special Assemblies were conducted on consequent days beginning from 1 st Muharram

    Posted On 5 October 2017

    Special Assemblies were conducted on consequent days beginning from 1 st Muharram that is, from 23 rd to 27 th September to observe the solemn days of Muharram at Unity College. Students delivered enlightening speeches sharing various incidents on the front of Karbala. They also read salaam to the myrters. The grave aura of their pain and suffering pervades all through. Every eye became teary and heart, heavy. The aim of such assembly is to sentitize the students towards the true cause and purpose of the battle. It was not a battle for the thrown but to revive the Islamic teachings and values. And the battle was won by loving it, duties were upheld by sacrificing all, patience was propagated by bearing thirst and hunger. Islamic values were fostered by getting stained, and the enemy was looked down though victorious. The battle of Karbala is not an end but it continues even today- in our fight against injustice, exploitation, corruption, ignorance and poverty. Addressing the students, Principal Mr. Francis Castelino urged the students to be truthful compassionate and tolerant always following the great example set by Hazrat Husain (A.S.), the grandson of the Prophet (S.A.) In Pre-Primary Wing too, Muharram was observed in the morning assembly. Head Mistress Ms. Kainaat Mansoor told the tiny-tots about the significance of the Karbala incident and exhorted them to follow the truth and never to bow down before the wrong.