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    Posted On 7 September 2020

    5th September is always celebrated as Teachers’ Day in our country with great fervour. This year it has been all the more special owing to how much efforts the teachers are putting in and how their passion to help students learn and grow has spilled over into virtual classrooms. Unity College truly recognises and appreciates how the Nation's educators are playing such a pivotal role in children's lives in these challenging times– inspiring a lifelong love for learning and discovery and making a difference in their well-being and long-term success. To acknowledge the endeavour of the teachers, Unity College decided to celebrate Teachers’ Day on 5th Sept, 2020 through virtual platforms like Whatsapp and Zoom. To bring out the creative expressions of the students, the Pre-Primary, Primary and Senior sections of Unity College organized a plethora of activities for celebrating the Day online. Displaying the gratitude with a piece of paper is always the best. So students of Classes LN to V were asked to exhibit their creativity by sketching, drawing, making cards or posters, writing poems for their teachers to express their gratitude towards them. The Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions did not dampen the enthusiasm among students despite limitations. These little hands with imaginative minds came together in a creative burst of energy. The Pre-Primary children expressed their emotions in small voice notes, self-crafted cards and drawings. In the Primary section children made fabulous personal virtual greeting cards and posters to honour their teachers. The little ones mesmerized their teachers by sketching them beautifully and posting them on their respective Class Whatsapp groups. Few children also exhibited their skills describing the importance of teachers in forms of poetry. The teachers were overwhelmed with these sweet little gestures. A Zoom session was also organized by Headmistress Kainaat Mansoor to interact with her team members and wish them on this special occasion. She acknowledged the endeavour of the teachers and addressed them as her real heroes who quickly adapted to new teaching methods that are effective and inclusive in these challenging times. In the Senior section, the D-day began with warm greetings from Vice Principal Mr. C. S. Paul to all the teachers and kind words of gratitude for being exceptionally dedicated to their work. Classes VI to XII students were enthusiastic to greet and wish their respected teachers. Using Whatsapp, they presented virtual bouquets and cards while others made live sketches and videos – a sincere tribute to their reverend educators. An hour long zoom meeting on the occasion was an exception to the regular meetings in each class. It was a time well spent between teachers and their students exchanging their unique experiences during lockdown. Actually, the teachers as well as students found this time a blessing in disguise to simply chit-chat with the students for which they never got time earlier. The meeting culminated with rich moments to be cherished. It was really a feel good hour for one and all. The College Secretary Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi and Jt. Secretary Dr. M. Talha wished the teachers through messages and expressed their gratitude for all they have done this year especially while adapting to remote teaching and learning. Principal, Mr. Francis Castelino gave e-certificates and his best wishes to all the Teachers of the College to appreciate their unwavering efforts and dedication towards their profession in their pursuit of excellence. This year 2020, indeed brought along with it perhaps the biggest challenge a teacher could face. And it's not surprising that they have been the ones who were at the forefront of adapting to the changes that Covid-19 Pandemic has forced them to make. Let us salute them on Teacher's Day.