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  • The PrePrimary wing of Unity College observed the Transport Day on 9th October 2017

    Posted On 16 October 2017

    The Pre-Primary wing of Unity College observed the Transport Day on 9th October, 2017 in a creative as well as entertaining manner. The students made paper boats, aircrafts and coloured different means of transport. The three corridors were fixed up for land, water and air transportation. The segment of land transport showcased wide roads, dividers, zebra crossing, signals and the most attractive articles that were toy buses, cars, rickshaws, bicycles, motorbikes, etc. Even the dolls were seen walking on the footpath or crossing on the zebra lines. The water transport was another attractive side. Students made paper boats that were shown sailing with steamers and ships in water bodies. Last but not the least was the air section. Students made air crafts with ice-cream sticks. The air buses, fighter-planes, rockets were seen taking flight from the dummy Runway. The students were very eager and enthusiastic to learn about means of transport as their hand made vehicles and their own toys were on display. They were told about various means of transport and their usage. They were explained the traffic rules and safety measures. Primary students too moved down the corridors and learned about the means of transports and travelling. By the end of the day, students were well aware of the vehicles, routes and safety measures as well.