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    Posted On 28 December 2020

    Communities and Sects are not formed through buildings and cars but through education." -MaulanaDr. Kalbe Sadiq The sad demise of ‘Janab’ Dr. Syed Kalbe Sadiq Sahab on 24th November 2020 left the Unity Family bereft of its Founding Father, and the community of its great Aalim, a passionate Reformer and Modern Educationist- the likes of whom the world may never see again. Mourning loomed over the College, the City and the Nation. The common man felt orphaned at this irreparable loss. The Managing Committee, Staff and Students of Unity College and Unity Mission School (Free Education Programme run under the Tauheedul Muslimeen Trust), gathered on 26th December for the Majlis-e-Tarheem - a Condolence Prayer Service. The solemn programme commenced with divine renditions from the Quran, the Bhagwad Gita and the Bible as is the practice at Unity College that mirrors Janab’s visionary endeavours and accomplishments of religious harmony and integrity. Unity College Principal Mr. Francis Castelino expressed his great regard and honour for Late Dr. S. Kalbe Sadiq whose tremendous philanthropic deeds and achievements in the fields of education, health and brotherhood made him the ambassador of peace and progress. He said that Janab, above all,was a thorough gentleman who never discriminated between the rich and poor, educated and illiterate, was humble to the core, and would always be remembered as the benefactor of humanity. Dr.Jagdish Gandhi, Founder of City Montessori School, said that Sadiq Sahab lived on earth but worked like an angel. Unity College- a hub of all religions,in itselfis evidence of his secular practices and progressive scholastic reforms. Ms. Shalini, Principal - Raj Kumar Academy said that it was now our turn, to work for the cause led by this great soul who least of all bothered to propagate his name but kept on working silently for the betterment of humanity. A trail of poignant elegies and salutations by students followed;the sorrowful soz,“Maidan-e-Karbala”, the nazm“Sune Kaun Qissa-e-Dard-e-Dil”, the nauha“Sughra Ki Zaban Pe Tha” and the salam “Sughra Ne Likha Baba Kab Laut Ke Aaoge”. The Majlis was read by Hasan Mehdi Baqri of Class XII B. Addressing Janab as Hakeem-e-Ummat, Mehdi said that he found the solution to all problems in education and followed what our Prophet (S. A.W.) propagated, that it is obligatory on every man and woman to acquire knowledge. By gaining education, one gets both Deen and Duniya. He waged a war against ignorance and poverty,and earnestly committed to disseminating knowledge among all, especially women and the poor. A gloomy and dismal aura prevailed all over the gathering. Alumnus Mr.Uzair Hasan,Journalist - South Pacific Correspondent for Agence France-Presse, Paris shared that Late Dr. Sadiq Sahab was not only his uncle but his guide and mentor to whom he owes his success. Dr.Zehra Akhtar, Alumna and Head Girl, 2012 Batch-Unity College, presently interning at Era Medical College reminisced how Janab interacted with children and in spite of him not being physically present amidst them, would always remain alive in the form of his teachings.Ms. Samreen Siddiqui, a Teacher at Baby Martin College and Ms. Safeena Rizvi, pursuing M.A. in Economics,both Alumnae-Unity Mission School expressed their earnest gratitude to Janab and recalled his most memorable words of motivation. Janab’s granddaughters,Tanzeel and Malika Batool stressed on his adoring disposition. They shared his advice to be steadfast in Namaz, Punctuality and Righteousness. Dr. Rajesh Agarwal of the Kabir Peace Mission said that Janab sincerely worked for the downtrodden. Hon’ble Justice Shabihul Husnain propagated his teachings of excellence in education.Only with quality education will one be able to survive in the present hard times and the time to come. Former Vice-Principal Mrs. Tasveer Zehra Naqvi who joined the College when it started with 17 students in rented rooms, inspired the students to claim higher success with excellence in education. Dr. Kalbe Sibtain Noori, Janab’s son and Manager of Unity Mission School, released ‘Aasaarwa Afkaare Sadiq’- a magazine that portrays his tall personality and incredible accomplishments. In conclusion, College Secretary and Janab’s Son-in-Law, Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi,proposed a vote of thanks for all the honours and tributes bestowed upon Janab Sadiq Sahab.He appealed to carry forward his three legacies-Excellence in Education, Inter-Faith Unity and Disciplined Life. The candles of excellence in academics and universal camaraderie that he illuminated will keep guiding and inspiring the multitudes. We pray, that we are able to offer him a true tribute by living up to his legacy.