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  • Super Market Day at Unity PrePrimary Section

    Posted On 16 February 2020

    “One Beet Root @ Rs. 10”, “Cloves Per Packet @ Rs. 10”were the visible echoes while “I am strong to finish when I eat my Spinach”, “Eat a carrot every day, be healthy everyway” were the catchesposters at the all time busy ‘Unity Super Market’ held on 15th February, 2020. As the market was set in the Pre-Primary Section, the toddlers turned into green grocers, grocers, fruit sellers, toy- sellers and stationers. The picturesque colonnaded stalls were dealt intricately by the charming kids who were taking the practical lesson of entrepreneurship by selling and buying the wares on display for a price. The most interesting was the fact that the Mathematical calculations were extended to the play way market ground. The little sellers were counting, subtracting and adding on their fingers. There prevailed all commotion as College Secretary Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi, Joint Secretary Dr. M. Talha, Principal Mr. Francis Castelino, teachers and parents were seen busy browsing the vast variety of goods on sale. The vibrant atmosphere of the market ‘ultra-mini-business’ had something for everyone from fruits and veggies to chocolates and diapers. The fun filled commerce day culminated with a vote of thanks by Headmistress Ms. Kainaat Mansoor.