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  • Earth day is celebrated across the world to demonstrate.....

    Posted On 10 May 2020

    Earth day is celebrated across the world to demonstrate support for environmental protection and to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our planet and taking action.April 22, 2020 marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. To celebrate the first digital Earth Day amid the recent COVID-19 Global Pandemic, Primary Section of Unity College inspired the students of Class V to restore the eco-balance of the afforestation drive with all seriousness and to make a difference. THEME: “DO YOUR BIT!! PLANT AND NURTURE". Earth day was all the more special this year because it came in the middle of a pandemic wherein maximum values had been established to make man and nature co-exist peacefully with a dramatical improvement in quality of air, slashed greenhouse gases and reduced deforestation. At a time of crisis when the nation was locked, Headmistress & the teachers of the Primary Section took this opportunity to start a great initiative in empowering the students to have a positive impact on the planet by showing them the importance of co-existence of nature and man. ACTIVITIES: Activities were planned to create maximum awareness and impact.Students of Class V were given a task to grow and nurture small plants in a well-organized way with whatever resources they had at their places. Children used the social platform like WhatsApp to post pictures of their beautifully growing saplings. In spite of total lockdown, students figured a way to do something positive with full zeal and enthusiasm.Few students even started with soil-less farming also called as Hydroponic farming, who did not have access to soil at their homes.Students of other classes also drew pictures to celebrate Earth Day. This activity, through personal involvement of the students helped them to become aware of the importance of trees and foster Environmental Management. This planting program was a learning opportunity for the children to restore the balance of the Ecosystem and create a memory for themselves and their families. During times like these, it is imperative for the focus to be transferred towards plantation and build awareness that each one has power to make a difference to this situation. NOW AND FOR THE FUTURE.