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Principal Desk

From the Principal’s Desk


Determination to succeed is the factor that distinguishes people of great achievement from the rest of mankind. They are not content with even doing their best. They go astep further and try to improve their own records.

The famous American psychologist William James used to say that most people use only about ten per cent of their ability. Ouspensky expressed the same idea when he said, “Most people inhabit a mansion but live only in the basement”.

We need to improve upon our talents and keep moving ahead not counting the cost. Avoid self-pity. Be hard on yourself (but not on others).Your troubles are no worse than others have to face. They are a lots of ter than many other peoples. Regretting about your misfortunes will solve nothing.

Only positive action uncourageously carried out in faith will get you over your problems.


(Francis Castelino)