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Unity Rules


To ensure the smooth functioning of the college, a number of rules and regulations have been formulated, strict, adherence to which shall be necessary. The college encourages parents'/guardians' participation by means of suggestions, but does not accept the demands of anyone in policy matters. They are requested to send their useful suggestions to the administration in writing. Proposals and suggestions, if found appropriate, shall be duly incorporated

The college may ask the parents/guardians to withdraw his/her child from the institution if his/her conduct is questionable or educational progress is not found up to the set standard.

The Principal has the right to change the choice of subjects of a student is he/she is poor in the opted subjects or is unable to perform well at any stage.

Students securing less than 40% marks in all subjects in pre-board exams and less than 75% attendance may not be allowed to appear for Board Examinations.

Academics and Promotions:-
L.N. to Prep.:

The assessment is carried out by the teacher on day- to day work and monthly revision tests as well as on the basis of mid-term & term end exams performance for promotion to the next class.

Class I to V: Promotion is based on the continuous assessment/terminal exams. Any student absent from the test will not be re-examined. However, if the medical certificate of illness is produced within three days of the absence from the tests, average marks will be taken into consideration.

Class VI onwards: The promotion will be determined on the basis of continuous assessment and terminal examinations. The evaluation of the work will be on the basis of both, the result of examination and the work done during the year.

The consolidated marks of the academic year will be the marks considered for promotion. A student must secure 45% marks in every subject for getting promotion. No-re examination is permitted.

A student failing twice in the same class shall not be allowed to continue. The decision of the Principal with regard to promotion, detention and expulsion shall be final and binding. Please note that those students having failed in securing pass marks in ENGLISH subject will not be promoted to next class.

Failures of class X and XII will not be admitted as regular students in the college.

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