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Unity College- 2nd shift was established in 1999 under the banner of Tauheedul Muslimeen Trust- a nonprofit organization established by Dr. S. Kalbe Sadiq for the educational, social and material upliftment of the under privileged community amidst the architectural grandeur of old Lucknow. This imposing aesthetically pleasing structure, spread over a vast area of 3.15 acres of beautifully landscaped land, houses more than 1300 students. The naturally well lit and ventilated classrooms provide an ideal setting for academic vigour and an all-round personality development.

The School is from Class Nursery to Class XII. Children are provided books, uniform, shoes, sweater, bags, tiffin boxes etc. from the school. Free medical aid is also provided to students suffering from diseases. There is also provision of free transport for students coming from distant areas.

Information pertaining to current year
Major initiatives of the year
Faculty Development – In all there are 54 teachers.
Major activities of the year

1 New Sessionstarted from 2nd April, 2021. Lower Nursery and Class XI started coming from 3rd July 2021

UNITY COLLEGE- SECOND SHIFT Infrastructure and Facilities 1. The College possesses rich infrastructure encompassing spacious classrooms, well equipped Science labs and newly equipped Computer labs, playground, Smart class rooms and an air conditioned staff room. There is also a rich library furnished with latest books to cater to every need of a student. 2. The college possesses extensive sports facilities, the well maintained football field, cricket ground as well as basketball and table tennis provisions have become a cradle for many budding sports enthusiasts. 3. The college has two spacious air conditioned auditoriums to accommodate more than 400 people. 4. The college has in-house tailoring and canteen facilities. 5. A spacious Video Conferencing enabled Conference Room has also been established. 6. The College also boasts of a Wi-Fi Campus. Academic Excellence:- Unity College-2nd shift is committed to achieving academic excellence. The college imparts education to children from Lower Nursery to Class XII. The College offers Humanities and Commerce stream in Intermediate. The College imparts the knowledge of Maths, Science, Computer Science, G.K., Theology, Art & Craft, English, Hindi and Social Studies. All Round Development:- The institution maintains a judicious blend of academic and co-curricular activities to provide an apt platform for students to display, their innate skills. With this aim in mind various activities like debates, quiz, orientation, competitions, creative writing, drawing and storytelling competitions are organized throughout the year to bring out the best in every child. For the same purpose various sports events like Inter House Badminton, Cricket, Basketball and Kho-Kho matches are also organized. Outstanding Aspects There are certain outstanding and remarkable features of Unity College -2nd Shift. 1. The college pays utmost attention to the tiny-tots. For this Montessori Method was adopted in Class Lower Nursery in 2016-2017. There is an exclusive Montessori classroom for these young children where they learn through different activities. In session 2017-18 Montessori method was adopted for teaching students of Upper Nursery too. 2. I-Cat Room is available for projecting the visual study material to the students. 3. We have fully air-conditioned and well-equipped computer labs with internet facility for juniors as well as seniors. 4. The facility of Medical Room with a resident doctor plus regular visits of specialist medical practitioners is also made available for the students. 5. Various orientation programmes, workshops, seminars and counselling sessions are organized for the students as well as the parents. 6. Picnics and educational tours are organized. 7. The students are encouraged to participate in competitions in and outside the college campus. Major Landmarks In session 2019-2020 teachers of Unity College 2nd Shift also used smart boards to make teaching more effective. College Activities 1 New Session started from 1st April 2019. Class XI started coming from July 2019. 2 Distribution of Uniform -Uniform distribution started from April 2019. 3 Books and copies were distributed to all students in the first two weeks of April, 2019. 4 Mothers Meet of Class L.N. A Meet was organized for the mothers of Lower Nursery students on 2nd April 2019. The basic objective was to keep the mothers informed with the best ways of child upbringing and also to abreast them with the fundamentals of learning. Principal Ms. Shabana Ahmed stressed on punctuality and neatness and advised the parents to follow the basic rules of personal hygiene and healthy eating habits. 5 Session on Personality Development & Communication Skills. An ice breaking session of Class XII students with Ms. Kulsoom and Ms. Hania Rizvi organized on 3rd April 2019. 6 Film show at CMS- The students of Unity College II Shift visited the 11th International Children’s film festival (ICFF) 2019 on 6th April 2019, organized by the management of City Montessori School. Great excitement was seen among the students and teachers who had gone in large numbers to enjoy the educational children’s films. Its aim was to showcase the right content inculcating moral values and worldwide view. 7 One month training session on Personality Development and Communication Skill- Unity College II Shift organized a workshop on Personality Development Communication skills from 15th April, 2019 to 30th April under the guidance of Ms. Hania Rizvi from Kishwari Konnect. Session started from 15th April 2019 for Class XII students in the Central hall from 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m. Ms. Hania Rizvi conducted the session. 8 World Malaria Day- Unity College II Shift observed World Malaria Day with Hope Initiative under the guidance of Resource Person Ms. Reshma on 25 April 2019. Children were taught personal protective measures against mosquito bites. They were also made aware of the first signs of Malaria, what are the best ways to prevent it and how many days it would take to recover from the disease. 9 Summer Vacation – Summer Vacation for students from 1st May to 6th June 2019. 10 Staff Meeting- Staff meeting take by Principal on 29th June 2019. Teachers asked to take details of tuition teachers so that they may be assessed and those who are not up to the mark may be replaced. 11 1st Parent Teacher Meeting held on 29.06.2019. 12 Unit Test I of Class Prep to VII commenced in July 2019. 13 Students Centered Teaching (SCT)- SCT Methodology is being adopted for students of classes I-V Teachers prepare their lesson plans for these classes according to this methodology. 14. Farewell to Ms. Shefali Javed- Farewell was given to Ms. Shefali Javed on 31st July 2019 in the New Central Hall. Ms Shefali taught for more than 12 years. 15. Staff Meeting- Staff meeting taken by Principal on 3rd August, 2019. 16. 2nd Parent Teacher Meeting- The 2nd Parent Teacher Meeting of classes L.N. to XII was held on 3rd August 2019. More than 95% parents attended the meeting. 17 Independence Day Celebration- The 73rd Independence Day was celebrated at Unity College II shift with zeal and fervor. Students of Montessori came attired in the three colours of the flag and performed on patriotic songs. 18 Police Ki Pathshala- Amar Ujala organized Police Ki Pathshala on 17th August 2019. C.O. Chowk addressed the students in New Central Hall from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. It was an interactive session. Students asked a lot of questions. C.O. Chowk told the students not to forward any message. He also told them that they should not use 2nd hand mobile or laptop. Girls can dial 100 or 1090 for help. They should also learn self defence. 19 Wall Magazine Competition was held on 19th August, 2019. The theme was ‘Healthy Habits’. 20 Eid-e-Ghadeer Celebration- Montessori students and teachers celebrated Eid-e-Ghadeer. The teachers told them about the significance of the occasion. The tiny tots stole the hearts of everyone by dressing in their best attires enthused with zeal and blissful fervour. 21 Mother’s meet of Class I – Mother’s of class I students called on 29th August 2019. They were asked to send their children regularly to school during Moharram. They were also asked to focus on their child’s education, neatness and discipline. 22. Unit Test -2 – Unit Test 2 of classes Prep to Class II was conducted from 20th September 2019. 23 Half Yearly Exam held in September 2019. 24 Husain Day- Husain Day celebrated 24th October in New Central Hall from 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m. Students delivered speeches, Qaseedas and Marsiyas. 25 Skype Session with Shamim Ma’am- Skype Session with Shamim Ma’am was arranged in October for Montessori Teachers. They attended the session in the conference room from 1:00 pm. To 2:00 p.m. They briefed Ma’am about the work being done in the class room. Shamim Ma’am asked them to prepare some activities for teaching. 26 3rd Parent Teacher Meeting- 3rd Parent Teacher Meeting held on 19th October, 2019. 27 Staff Meeting- Staff Meeting taken by Principal on 19th October, 2019. 28 1st Monthly Test of Class IX and X- This test was conducted in the first week of November, 2019. 29 Children’s Day – Children’s Day was celebrated at Unity College II Shift on 14th November, 2019 with fervour and cheers. A special assembly was conducted by teachers. A number of thrilling games and tongue twisters enthralled the children. It was a fun filled day for them. 30 Art and Craft Work- Mr. T. Ram from Rajasthan came and displayed his Art and Craft work in the assembly on 2nd December 2019. 31 4th Parent Teacher Meeting- 4th Parent Teacher Meeting held on 7th December 2019. 32 Staff Meeting- Staff Meeting taken by Principal on 7th December 2019. 33 2nd Monthly Test of IX and X conducted in December 2019. 34 Basketball Math (Boys)- Another annual event of the College Inter-House Basket Ball Championship (Boys) was organized in December 2019. All the four teams were well prepared and sported equally strong contenders. All the matches were furiously fought. The final match was won by Radha Krishan House, followed by Mother Teresa and Asifuddaula in the II and III places respectively. 35 Unity Shines at UP Press Club- It was a moment to cheer when three singers of Unity College were conferred with coveted prizes in the Naat Competition organized by Emicus Youth Educational Society at UP Press Club on 14th December, 2019. Arhama Abidi of Class I and Rehnuma Fatima of Class IX bagged the I prize and Wafa Fatima of the same class stood II. 36 Unity Shines at Eclat 2019- Our students brought laurels to the College at Eclat -19, Inter School Fest organized by Eram Inter College. Wafa Fatima and Hina Fatima of Class XII received the I prize in group singing where as in solo singing Wafa got the III prize. In photography, Adil Husain of Class XII got the III prize. They were honoured with medals and certificates. 37 First Pre Board of Class X and XII held in December 2019. 38 Unit Test III of L.N.-II and Unit Test II of Classes III-VIII held in December, 2019. 39 Winter Break for staff and students from 18th December to 20th January 2020. 40 Second Pre Board of Class X and XII in January 2020. 41 Republic Day celebrated on 26th January 2020. 42 Unit Test IV of L.N. –II held in January 2020. 43 Farewell to Class XII Class XI bade a reminiscing farewell to the students of Class XII on 28th February, 2020. The seniors received a warm welcome by the juniors as they entered wearing elegant attires. The programme started with the enthusiastically performed, farewell songs which created an ambience full of emotions. It was followed by many colourful programmes presented by the students of Class XI. The students of Class XI gave mementos to their seniors. 44 Basketball Match girls – Basketball match of girls was held in the first week of February 2020. 45 Giloi distribution and quiz- Team of Amar Ujala distributed Giloi plant to all students. They also organized a quiz related to the benefits of Giloi Plant. 46 Unit Test V of Class L.N. –II and Annual Exams of Classes II –XI held from 20th February to 9th March, 2020 47 Picnic of Class XII- Class XII students were sent for picnic on 5th March 2020 to Neelansh Water Park. 48 Last day of session celebrated @ Montessori The session for the students of Montessori (Lower Nursery A & B, Upper Nursery A &B) ended on 5th March 2019. The last day was celebrated with great zest. The students came in their best attires. They were very happy and excited. All the teachers organized many games for them like musical chairs, lemon and spoon race, balancing a book on the head, etc. The children participated with great enthusiasm in all the activities. 48 L.N. Interview held in March, 2020 49 Result Distribution- Pre Primary got their result on 14th March and Primary on 16th March 2020 50 Entrance Test for admission in mid classes held on 14th March 2020. 51 Session break from 18th March-30th March 2020 Major Achievements of the year Academics 1 Section Heads- Section Heads are looking after the smooth functioning of the College. 2 Subject Heads- Subject heads assess the work of teachers in their subjects and give suggestions for improvement. 3 Pre-Primary to Class VII have already been converted into English Medium. Class VIII converted into English Medium in 2019-2020. 4 Board result of Class X and XII of 2019-20 is 100% In Class X all 27 students have secured first division marks. Highest % of marks in Class X is 83.8% secured by Azra Fatima , 5 students have secured above 80% marks whereas 14 students secured above 75% marks. Lowest % in Class X was 69%. In Intermediate out of 38 students. 27 students secured 1st division whereas 11 secured second division. The highest percentage of marks in Class XII was 73.8% secured by Kharunnisa. 5 Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi met the Class XII Passouts and advised them to have a realistic approach towards life and decide their future accordingly. 6 Student Centred Teaching adopted in Primary Section. Teachers are given training by the Coordinators when necessary. They give regular training to new teachers. 7 Class XII Passouts:- This year Alisha Fatima of Class XII has applied in B.Com. in IT College and Lucknow University. Entrance test date is still awaited. Jalal Abbas has applied in Lucknow University. 8 Teacher’s Training Programme- Skype Session with Shamim Ma’am was arranged with Montessori Teacher in the conference room in October 2020. .Sports Students are being coached in Basketball, Football, Cricket, Badminton, Kho-Kho etc House wise Teams are coming up. From these teams a school team will be formed. Girls of our school participated in the Sports event Bhule Bisre Khel for girls organized by Amar Ujala and won several medals. Extra Curricular 1 Children’s International Film Festival at CMS- Students of classes III-XII were sent to City Montessori School Kanpur Road branch on 6th April,2019 to attend the Film Festival. 2 Treatment from Era- Students with health issues were referred Era Hospital for check-up and treatment. 3 Dental Check-up- Dental clinic has been set up in the College and a comprehensive checkup of students from grade I to grade XII is being done. After the checkup students are being given the required treatment. Treatment of students from Class VI to XII has been completed. 4 Off Campus Achievement At ECLAT 2019- Our students brought laurels to the College at Eclat -19, Inter School Fest organized by Eram Inter College. Wafa Fatima and Hina Fatima of Class XII received the I prize in group singing where as in solo singing Wafa got the III prize. In photography, Adil Husain of Class XII got the III prize. They were honoured with medals and certificates. Parental Cooperation Right from the time of admission it is mothers who are shouldering maximum responsibility. It is observed that mothers are bringing the children to school and taking them back. Very few fathers shoulder this responsibility. Parental cooperation has improved over the years. Above 95% parents attend the Parent Teachers Meetings now. There are 5% parents not paying proper attention towards their child. They do not send the child neatly dressed to school, don’t give proper tiffin, and don’t focus on their child’s studies. This year names of such students have been struck off. New Admission Quality At the time of interview it is observed that some parents bring their child very neatly dressed for the interview where as some children are very shabbily dressed. Parents of shabbily dressed children are told about cleanliness and hygiene. Quality of new admission is improving. People are realizing the importance of education. Most of the children who are coming for interview are answering except a few who are not ready to speak. On the basis of age and knowledge they are selected in different classes. Some children who came for L.N. interview were overage. Their test was taken and if they qualified the test for UN or Prep they were selected in that class. Academic Staff Staff is well qualified. Most of the teachers are trained. The new teachers who have been appointed in the last six years are all with English medium back ground. Weakness or challenges i) Illiteracy Most of our students are first generation learners. Their parents are illiterate and hence they do not get any support from their family. No one at home is able to guide them in their studies, converse in English with them etc. ii) Abusive language A number of parents use abusive language at home with their children. Children also use this language in school. Hence a lot of grooming is required. iii) Children come shabbily dressed Few students of Pre-Primary and Primary are coming to school shabbily dressed. Parents of such students have to be called and warned again and again. iv) Poor quality tuition for students A big number of students are taking tuitions but the quality of tuition is very poor. The tutors themselves don’t have proper knowledge. This time teachers checked the tuition work of students and asked the parents to change the tutor if he/she was not upto the mark. v) Parents giving physical punishment at home Few parents specially fathers beat their children very badly at home. Such parents have been called and counselled by the teachers and Principal. vi) Children not doing home work/doing wrong home work There are some students who are not doing their home work. They are not devoting proper time to studies at home. Some times home work is not done because there is no one to guide them at home. Doing wrong home work shows that the people guiding the child at home don’t have proper knowledge themselves. vii) Working Students Several children especially boys are working in order to support their family. They are unable to devote time to their studies at home. Some come to school directly from work where as some go to work after school. There are some girls who have to do a lot of house hold work. It is seen that boys are not devoting much time to their studies at home. viii) Outlook of Parents Gradual change in outlook is being witnessed. Parents are realizing the importance of education but still there is a big number who feel that class XII is sufficient. Girls need not study further and they should be married after Class XII. There are parents who permit their child to study further but do not permit them to take admission in a far off College. Some feel that their daughters will get spoilt if they go to big English Medium Colleges. Hence there is a mental block. For the last four five years counselling of parents of senior students that is class IX to XII is being done in school. College Secretary Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi has been addressing these parents himself and telling them about the importance of good education and also the support that the school is ready to give their ward after Class XII so that they may complete their graduation and be employable. What is planned or targeted for year 2020-2021 The main target is to provide quality education and to overcome the weaknesses or challenges observed. To start with student profiling is being done. All Class Teachers have prepared a sheet with the following heads” Name of student, marks %, attendance, healthy/weak, does home work or not, comes neatly dressed or not , brings proper bag or not, parent cooperation, employed or not, place of work. Students who are not studying, are indisciplined, have very poor attendance, not coming neatly dressed etc. will be given a final warning and if no improvement is seen their names will be struck off there and then. Names of 93 students have been struck off in session 2019-20 on the above grounds. All teachers have to see that the base of students is strong. Language and numerical skills are good. They are able to converse in English. Ms. Sabiha will be observing the primary classes and sending their report to Mrs. Sabira Taqi. Section heads, subject heads and house incharges have to perform the duties assigned to them with sincerity. More Parent Teacher Meetings will be organized. Separate meetings of weak students will be kept in which parents of weak students will be called and the College Secretary Manager and Principal will also address the parents. Teachers of Secondary and Senior Secondary Section have to work harder to give better result. In 2020-2021 Class IX will be English Medium and in 2021-2022 are first batch of English Medium will appear in high school examination. Hence teachers have to work really hard these years. Drop Out rate Drop out rate is quite low. Generally students leave on their own if they have shifted out of Lucknow or have shifted to a place which is quite far from school or on medical grounds. Few also leave if they have failed and do not want to repeat the class. They take admission else where in the next class. Names of students have also been struck off by the school on the following grounds- Poor academic performance, indiscipline and poor attendance. Names are also struck off if the child has failed for the second time in the same class. Quality of Academics The school aims at providing quality education to the students. Montessori method of teaching has been adopted for class Lower Nursery and Upper Nursery. Teachers teaching this class were given training by Mrs. Asma Zaidi Now Ms. Shamim Abidi is training the teachers. Students are learning through play way method and activities. In Primary classes teaching methodology has been changed from Teacher Centered to Student Centered Teaching. Ma’am Sabira Taqi gave training of Student Centered Teaching to the Primary Teachers. Class VI onwards is following U.P. Board Syllabus. NCERT Books are being used. Future Plans Academics – To convert Unity College Second Shift from Hindi Medium to English Medium and make teaching more effective and meaningful. School is English Medium till Class VIII now. Curriculum is being changed at Pre-Primary level. Montessori method is being followed in Class Lower Nursery from 2016-2017 and from 2017-2018 class UN is also following Montessori Method. Sports- Inter School Sports events to be organized. Extra Curricular – Plan to introduce an Annual School Magazine. For passouts- To ensure that they get admission in graduation in good colleges of Lucknow and to work on how they could achieve their goal. Our aim is to to make them employable after their graduation by providing vocational training to them and by preparing them for competitive exams. Ms. Shabana Ahmed Principal Unity College- Second Shift