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General Information:

Unity College- Second shift an institution providing free education to the under privileged students runs in the campus of Unity College. The School started with nine students fifteen years back, whereas today there are fourteen hundred students. The school provides a well furnished Library, Computer Lab, I-Cat room, Science Labs and a big playground. For students of L.N.- to Class II there are no exams. Term is divided into five Unit Tests which are held in the months of May, August, September, December and March. Class III onwards the syllabus is divided into two unit tests and two terms, Half Yearly Examination and Annual Examination. Several co-curricular activities like debate, extempore, creative writing, G.K., quiz, essay writing, drawing competition, recitation competition, Mathematics quiz, story telling competition etc. are conducted along with Inter House Sports events. Emphasis is laid on the all round development of the child.

The School is from Class Nursery to Class XII. Children are provided books, uniform, shoes, sweater, bags, tiffin boxes etc. from the school. Free medical aid is also provided to students suffering from diseases. There is also provision of free transport for students coming from distant areas.

Information pertaining to current year
Major initiatives of the year
Faculty Development – In all there are 54 teachers.
Major activities of the year

1 New Session started from 1st April, 2014. Lower Nursery started coming from 16th April, 2014 and Class XI started coming from 1st July, 2014.

2 Distribution of Uniform -Uniform was given to the students on Reports Day.

3 Books and copies were distributed to all students in the first two weeks of April, 2014

4 Mothers Meet of Classes I & II- Mothers Meet of Classes I & II was held on 12th April, 14. Mothers were briefed on attendance, punctuality, neatness, discipline and academic performance of the child.

5 Parent Orientation of Classes X and XII- Parents Orientation Programme on „How to Achieve Academic Excellence” was held on 28th April, 2014 for classes X and XII with a view to improve students‟ academic performance. The meeting ensured a positive atmosphere for learning as well as co-operation among parents, teachers and students to achieve a brilliant output.

6 Medical Check-up of Classes I-III conducted in the last week of April, 2014.

7 Summer Vacation- School remained closed for staff from 6th May-15th June, 14 for L.N. to Prep from 6th May-29th June, 14, for students of I-V from 6th May -20th June,14 and for classes VI-XII from 6th May-15th June, 2014.

8 Extra Classes held for Class IX, X and XII students during summer vacation from 19th May-31st May, 2014 from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

9 Summer Schedule Besides extra classes of IX, X and XII One hour Cookery class was arranged for girls of Classes VII and VIII from 19th May to 29th May, 2014. Ms. Rooma Adil conducted this class. The following items were taught.
Vegetable Sandwich Mixed Vegetable
Potato Sandwich Paneer Methi
Crispi Bhindi Custard
Arvi Punch Bottle gourd kheer

10 Board Result The board result of Class X and XII registered a bigger leap in terms of overall percentage as compared to the previous year. The result was not only 100% but incredible too. All students of X and XII secured 1st division marks.

11 Orientation Programme of Teachers-Orientation Programme held from 26th to 28th June, 2014.
i) Meeting of subject heads was arranged with their group of teachers,
ii) Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi addressed the staff members.
iii) Staff Meeting was taken by Principal.
iv) Session of Dr. Gitanjali Mishra and Dr. Vishad Tripathi.
Dr. Gitanjali Mishra from Amity University spoke on the topic “21st Century Teaching Practices”, whereas Dr. Vishad Tripathi taught effective meditative exercises to relieve stress and pressure. The programme was well received by the teachers.

12 Unit Test I of Classes L.N. to V conducted from 11th July to 18th July, 2014.

13 Wall Magazine Competition held on 28th July, 2014.

14 Independence Day celebrated on 15th August, 2014.

15 Project Work Students of classes III-VIII had to submit their project work in the last week of August, 2014.

16 First Monthly Test of Class IX and X held from 25th to 29th August, 2014.

17 Inter House Basketball Match of Girls- held on 2nd September, 2014. All matches were neck to neck. The close contest ended in Radha Krishnan‟s favour bagging the first place followed by Mohd. Ali Shah and Mother Teresa at second and third place respectively.

18 Inter House Badminton Match- held on 3rd September, 2014.

19 Teachers Day celebrated on 5th September, 2014. It was a cherishable moment of love, reverence and gratitude.

20 Unit Test III of Class L.N.-II held from 11th September to 18th September, 2014.

21 Half Yearly Exams of Classes III-IX & XI held from 10th September to 18th September, 2014.

22 Medical Check-up Medical Check-up done of Primary and Secondary classes in September, 2014.

23 Parent-Teacher Meeting- Parent-Teacher Meeting of Classes L.N.-XII held on 11th October, 2014.

24 Monthly Test of Oct of Class IX and X- conducted from 27th October -29th October, 2014.

25 Career Counselling of Class XI and XII- students conducted in November, 2014. 26 Monthly Tests of Class IX and X- commenced from 12th December and ended on 15th December, 2014.

27 Half Yearly Exam of Class X- Half Yearly Exam of Class X held from 11th November to 17th November, 2014.

28 Unit Test IV- Unit Test IV of Classes L.N.-II held from 5th December to 10th December, 2014.

29 Unit Test II of Classes III-VIII- Unit Test II of classes III-VIII held from 5th December to 12th December, 2014.

30 First Pre Board of Class X- held from 15th December 2014 to 3rd January, 2015.

31 First Pre Board of Class XII- held from 20th December, 2014 to 3rd January, 2015.

32 Inter House Kho-Kho Match- Inter House Kho-Kho match was conducted on 18th December, 2014. Md. Ali Shah House emerged winner followed by Radha Krishnan House and Mother Teresa House.

33 Parent-Teacher Meeting- Parent-Teacher Meeting of Classes L.N.-IX and XI held on 20th December, 2014.

34 Staff Meeting- Staff meeting taken by Principal on 20th December, 2014.

35 Distribution of Sweaters Sweaters distributed to new admissions in December, 2014.

36 Winter Break for staff and students from 22nd December, 2014 to 28th December, 2014.

37 Home Science Practical of Class X held on 8th January, 2015.

38 Science Practical of Class X conducted on 9th January, 2015.

39 Republic Day celebrated on 26th January, 2015.

40 Parents of weak students of Class VII and VIII called and warned regarding their child‟s performance in January, 2015.

41 Inspection of copies done by subject heads in January, 2015.

42 Farewell Party of Class XII students to be organized in the Central Hall on 1st February, 2015.

43 Unit Test V and Annual Exam of classes III-IX and XI will commence from 25th February, 2015 and end on 10th March, 2015.

44 U.P. Board Exams of X and XII to commence from 1st February, 2015.

Major Achievements of the year
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