Founder's Memorial Day is traditionally a very important day in the school calendar when members of the College community meet to commemorate the one who founded the College and contributed resources to its development. 

Unity College, Lucknow celebrated its Founder's Memorial Day with great verve and reverence on 24th November, 2002 in the College campus. It marked the second death anniversary of Padma Bhushan awardee, Late Dr. S. Kalbe Sadiq who embarked upon his heavenly abode on the very same day. The day was dedicated to the everlasting memory of Janab, a visionary and a philanthropist who valued the importance of education for a progressive society and a man whose foresight and imagination led to the creation of this institution. Late Dr. S. Kalbe Sadiq was not only a great educational reformer but also a symbol and a staunch supporter of unity, brotherhood and bonhomie among communities. 

A galaxy of dignitaries like the Chief Guest Dr. Asad Abbas, one of the leading Neurologists of Lucknow,Mr. Jagdish Gandhi, Founder of City Montessori School, Mr. Ashik Abbas, a software engineer from the US, Mr. Aftab Ahmad Khan - IPS, IG (Retd.) CRPF, members of the Managing Committee- Prof Anees Ashfaq, Prof. Sabira Habeeb, members of Janab’s family and other esteemed guests were present at the occasion to pay a warm tribute to the Hakeem-e-Ummat.

The College Principal, Mr. Francis Castelino addressed the attendees and warmly welcomed the honourable dignitaries. The commencement of the ceremony was marked by a soulful rendition of the Holy Scriptures: the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita and the Bible, setting the tone for the string of enrapturing performances in his memory.

The indomitable spirit of the College students from the morning & the II shift could be easily seen in their mesmerizing performances in the form of skits, songs and nazms. These performances incorporated different inspirational messages of Janab and highlighted his virtues and qualities which filled an atmosphere of nostalgia amongst the audience.

Following these programs, were a few ear-catching audio clips by successful alumni of the College. In their poignant audio clips they recalled their fond memories and ecstatic meetings with Janab who shaped their lives to the core. 
Alumni- Dr. Zain Mehdi, Dr. Mohammad Talha Siddiqui, Dr. Ghizal Fatima and Ms. Ashi Asif present on the occasion, through their speeches, exuded immense gratitude to the great persona who transformed their lives in the utmost way.They offered an enlightening tribute to the reverend Founder who imbibed confidence in them to aim big and scale the pinnacle of success.

Dr. Kalbe Sibtain Noorie, Janab's son and Manager of Unity College, II shift exhorted one and all to carry forward his mission and legacy of modern education. He also urged all the TMT beneficiaries to contribute to the altruistic mission of Janab.

The Chief Guest of the occasion, Dr. Asad Abbas spoke highly of Janab, applauded his achievements and highlighted his virtues and qualities. He urged the students to keep the 4 P's (passion, perseverance, patience and punctuality) in their minds to achieve their respective goals in life. 

The Founder's Memorial Day culminated with a formal vote of thanks by the College Secretary, Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi. He exhorted everyone to keep up the divine work of serving humanity and live up to Janab's legacy by carrying forward the work he left behind and the trail of light of education and brotherhood that he illuminated.

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