NEP 2020, also known as New Education Policy is an important step towards making education accessible to all.
The main motto of NEP- ‘Equitable and Inclusive Education’ assures that no child should be denied access to quality education because of their socio-cultural background.
Highlighting the significance of the same, there was an interactive session organised at Unity College, Lucknow on 31st January, 2023 for class XI. The session was coordinated by College Counsellor, Ms. Nisar Fatima Rizvi.
The resource person was Ms. Uma Narain, Consultant, Multidisciplinary Education and New Education Policy and Founding Dean, School of Liberal Arts, NMIMS University, Mumbai. She has also been closely associated with Era University.
Ms. Uma Narain emphasised on the importance of critical thinking and broad-based multidisciplinary education to ensure the holistic development of a child’s personality. She further explained the pressing need of liberal arts to allow students to think freely and independently so as to create ‘Joy of Learning and Exploration'.Students got acquainted with wider career choices, which NEP 2020 provides along with focus on the practical approach of knowledge.
The diverse career opportunities offered by Era University in this regard include Research and Innovation, Film Making, Journalism, Psychology, Advertising and Content Writing, Animation, Multimedia, Social Service (NGO), Management, Civil Services, Web Development, Diet & Nutrition and Microbiology. The University also provides Scholarships to the bright studentsalong with Internship with partner corporates.
Ms. Narainbelieves that the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and the Ambiguous (VUCA) world has necessitated a rethink on education because the product of academia is no longer directly employable. The prevalent education system has got us thus far, but no further. With 5G, artificial intelligence and data analytics, the way we live and work today will change forever - half the jobs we are certain of today will disappear and a new set of jobs that we may not be able to envision today will emerge. Therefore, the challenge before the educationists is to prepare students for the VUCA world. 
Principal, Mr. Francis Castelino, extended his gratitude to Ms. Narain for sparing her precious time and giving her valuable insights. The session proved to be informative and enriching for all the students.

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