“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” – John F. Kennedy 

Nowadays, health issues have become so common among all, whether young, adult or old. It directly or indirectly affects the dividend of efforts put in progressive fields. It is a proven fact that quality education is hampered if the environment is not supportive and teachers are unhealthy though competent. Hence, Unity College invited Dr. Sarah Musavi - a Certified Health Coach as well as a medical and health writer from Canada with an aim to boost the physical as well mental fitness of teachers. It will subsequently turn into healthy staff and a happy school.   

Addressing the teachers, Dr. SarahMusavi said that Unity College commenced its educational journey from the literacy of the backward community to educating them and now the final stride is to provide quality education and prepare students for the future. It is a known fact that teachers can make a difference in society. Unique teachers take challenges and change them into opportunities. She then discussed the traits of quality teachers. They need to be healthy. She said health is not a destination. It is a multidimensional snapshot of our mind. It shows up in our words, actions, and choices for Sleep, Thoughts, Eating and Movement - STEM. We must take preventive steps for our Healthy Gut, Eating, Relationship and Movement - GERM. 

Dr. Musavi pointed out that the indicators of ill health are digestion, protruded belly, aggression and depression. She also suggested they should adopt organic vegetation and home cooked food. Say no to hybrid chicken dishes. If the teachers are healthy, they can motivate the students to practice healthy ways. She looks forward to strengthening this generation so we can have an energetic adult population in the next ten years. 

The programme ran from 6th to 11th February, 2023 for the teachers of both the shifts- Morning and Evening. The first day was scheduled for a general address on the significance of wellness of teachers and students. It was followed by meetings in groups of five to six teachers in which they discussed their issues of stress, health and workplace with Dr. Sarah. She suggested some innovative ways to turn issues into stimulus for a better living. She would further continue her initiative of health and positivity among teachers further through emails. The last day was dedicated to growing organic food. Dr. Musaviescorted Ms. Fizza Mehdi, Ms. Eva Abbas and Ms. IlaShahid along with some students to an organic farm in the city. The aim was to begin organic gardening on the College campus. She continued counselling teachers individually on the problems of ‘no time’, ‘limited money’, ‘negative thoughts’, ‘fatigue’, ‘pain’, ‘chronic conditions’, ‘excess weight’, ‘phone addiction’ and ‘classroom management’ till 17th February.

The sessions proved to be an eye-opener with a positive stimulus. The teachers were seen busy thinking and talking on the lines of their own health and the students’ as well.

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