Zakat Foundation, India (ZFI), conducted a dynamic and engaging orientation program at Unity College, Lucknow on 15th May, 2023, specifically designed for the students in classes VIII to XII. The primary aim of this program was to guide and inspire academically exceptional and financially deserving students, known as 'ZFI Fellows,' in their pursuit of the highly competitive Civil Services examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission of India (UPSC).

Mr. Francis Castelino, the Principal of Unity College, warmly welcomed the esteemed resource persons and expressed his gratitude for their invaluable guidance and support in shaping the students' futures. The participants were provided comprehensive information about the Preliminary Eligibility Test (PET) and were briefed on the various government job opportunities available after clearing their High School and Intermediate Examinations. To serve as an inspiration and role model, the program invited Mr. Mohd. Salman Khan, a successful candidate who cleared the PET and currently holds the esteemed position of Junior Secretary Assistant at CSIR Lucknow. He graciously shared his personal success story and emphasized the significance of dedication and determination, quoting the inspiring poetry of Iqbal in Persian.

Mr. F. M. Khan, a prominent member of the Lucknow Team, shed light on the potential job opportunities that the students could explore by enrolling in this esteemed program. The College Secretary, Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi, extended a warm welcome to the esteemed members of ZFI and encouraged the students to reflect on their aptitude and potential before embarking on any chosen path. He stressed the importance of awareness as the cornerstone of progress in today's fiercely competitive world.

The program concluded with an enlightening online presentation titled ‘Let Us Empower Ourselves’ delivered by Mr. Syed Zafar Mahmood, President of Zakat Foundation India. He began by invoking the profound message of Allama Iqbal to the youth, highlighting their boundless potential and emphasizing his fondness for those who dare to reach for the stars. Mr. Mahmood reiterated that students possess the power to transform the world through their intelligence, benevolence, strategic planning, and unwavering efforts.

This enlightening session opened up a realm of boundless possibilities for the students, igniting within them a deep motivation to become catalysts of positive change in their communities and beyond.

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