Yoga, an integral part of Indian culture for centuries, has gained global recognition since Prime Minister Narendra Modi's initiatives at the United Nations General Assembly in 2014. Now, on 21st June every year, Yoga Day is celebrated worldwide to promote the practice of yoga. This ancient discipline not only enhances health and well-being but also fosters intercultural dialogue, peace, and harmony among people from diverse backgrounds. At Unity College, both the Morning and Evening Shifts actively participated in the Global Event, engaging in yoga activities throughout the week, culminating in a final event on 21st June, 2023.

The Yoga Day celebration was graced by esteemed guests, including Chief Guest Mr. Bhanu Pratap Singh, Retd. Director General of Police, and Special Guest Mumtaz Khan, Junior Hockey Champion. The event was attended by Secretary Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi, Vice Principal Mr. Sachindra Bharti, and Principal II Shift Ms. Shabana Ahmad.

Mr. Bharti warmly welcomed all the guests, honouring them with mementos and fragrant bouquets. The rising star of the Indian Hockey team, Ms. Mumtaz Khan, received a token of love, while Instructor Mr. Ravi Singh was awarded a cash prize for his contributions.

In her address to the students, Ms. Khan emphasized that poverty should not be a barrier to success. She inspired them, particularly the girls, to persevere, trust their parents, and explore new opportunities to achieve their goals.

Mr. Bhanu Pratap Singh expressed his overwhelming appreciation for the meticulous yoga presentation. Fluent in five languages, he stressed that the language of love is the most powerful tool to foster unity among people, transcending barriers of religion, caste, and creed. He further highlighted that good health and good company, which are promoted by yoga, are among the best attributes in life.

Echoing the Chief Guest's sentiments, Mr. Rizvi advised the students to be humble, compassionate, and forge connections with others. He encouraged them to regularly practice yoga, emphasizing its positive impact on physical, mental, and emotional well-being, and its ability to enhance life fulfillment. Furthermore, he highlighted that yoga requires no formal premises or equipment.

The program commenced with divine renditions from the Quran, the Gita, and the Bible, aligning with the message of Yoga Day: one earth, one family, and one future. The students showcased their mastery of various yogic asanas, including Singh, Hal, Sukh, Baal, Vriksh, and Natraj, earning resounding applause. The captivating display was the result of their dedicated week-long practice during the morning hours. The mesmerizing spectacle of students engaging in breathing exercises, meditation, and physical postures was enhanced by the accompanying melodious background music.

All participants were presented with Participation Certificates as a token of appreciation.

The insightful day concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms. Shabana Ahmad, emphasizing that the practice of yoga should not be limited to a single day but should continue as a continuous journey of growth and self-understanding. Yoga connects individuals with their inner selves, cultivates mindfulness, and fosters a sense of inner peace and harmony.

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