The College resonated with solemnity and reverence as students and staff gathered to observe a six-day Muharram Special Assemblies from 20th to 25th July, 2023. The event, organised by the Theology Department, aimed to educate and foster understanding among the school community about the significance of this sacred month in Islamic culture. 


The assemblies commenced with a heartfelt recitation of verses from the Holy Qur’an, followed by quotes of famous personalities about Imam Hussain (AS), who still stands as an epitome of selfless sacrifice, courage and compassion. 


The soul-stirring elegies recited by students, evoked emotions of grief and remembrance for the tragedy of Karbala. The highlight of the assemblies was an informative presentation by class V, which showcased A-Z of celebrating Muharram. 


Each letter represented a different aspect of Muharram, creatively manifesting its historical and cultural relevance. From "Ashura" to "Ziyarat," the audience was taken on a journey of insights into the rich traditions and teachings associated with this holy month. 


Principal Mr. Francis Castelino emphasized the importance of unity, compassion and sacrifice in his speech, and urged students to keep drawing valuable life lessons from the events of Karbala. The assemblies left a lasting impact, reminding everyone of the timeless significance of Muharram in shaping values and fostering a sense of empathy and togetherness.

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