In a powerful display of unity and solidarity, members of the Unity Staff gathered on the College grounds on the 8th of August, 2023. Their purpose was clear: to lend their unwavering support to the call for justice following the distressing incident involving the alleged suicide of a class XI girl within the College premises. The arrest of the Principal and a teacher in connection with the incident had sent shockwaves through the community even before the commencement of a formal legal investigation.


The resonating voice of the Unaided Private School Association (UPSA) and the Association of Private Schools (APS) brought together a collective force determined to address this tragic situation. Unity Staff, alongside members of UPSA and APS, stood as a formidable force advocating for a thorough and unbiased investigation into the incident. The call for justice was unwavering, and the grounds echoed with the determination to shed light on the truth.

The gathering was a poignant moment that transcended mere words. As the meeting drew to a close, a profound silence enveloped the gathering, as all present bowed their heads in a solemn minute of reflection.

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