The Mushtaq Naqvi Inter-School Debate Competition 2023, hosted by Unity College, was a remarkable showcase of intellectual prowess as students from various Lucknow schools congregated to discuss the thought-provoking topic, "Artificial Intelligence is replacing Human Intelligence." This event, held on 2ndSeptember, aimed to honour the literary legacy of the esteemed figure, Late Mushtaq Naqvi Saheb, while inspiring young minds to engage in intellectual discourse and refine their oratory skills. The competition has been an annual tradition, generously sponsored by Mr. Shahab Hussain in memory of his revered Uncle, Late Naqvi Saheb.


The event was graced by the presence of Mr. Javeed Ahmad, Ex-DGP, UP, as the Chief Guest, along with College Secretary Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi and Jt. Secretary Dr. M. Talha. The proceedings began with a warm welcome from Principal Mr. Francis Castelino to the distinguished guests, participating teams, and accompanying teachers.


Ten esteemed schools from the city participated in this event, including St. Francis, Hoerner College, Colvin Taluqdars' College, CMS Rajajipuram Campus-I, Montfort Inter College, St. Fidelis College, Gurukul Academy, St. Teresa’s Day School and College, Raj Kumar Academy, and Unity College.


The competition kicked off with the divine blessings, followed by the selection of the debate topic through a lottery and an hour of preparation. The session provided a platform for a diverse range of viewpoints, thoughts, and perspectives, deepening our understanding of the potential and challenges of human intelligence in the age of AI. The imperative need to strike a balance between progress and ethical considerations was underscored, ensuring that AI becomes a force for positive transformation while safeguarding humanity's interests.


The Rebuttal Round was particularly captivating, with participants fiercely defending their arguments.


The esteemed panel of judges, consisting of Ms. Naheed Varma, Ms. Sheema Mujeeb, and Mr. C. J. Deuman, praised the outstanding performances of the participants and lauded the younger generation for their profound concern about the future.


The competition's winners were as follows:


Best Speaker (For): Suhana Kapoor - CMS, Rajajipuram Campus -1

Best Speaker (Against): Vatsal Gupta - St. Fidelis College

1st Runner Up (For): Azzaman Abbas Rizvi- Unity College

1st Runner Up (Against): Warisha Rehman - Unity College

2nd Runner Up (For): Tooba Siddiqui - St. Fidelis College

2nd Runner Up (Against): Anvesha Dubey - Gurukul Academy

Best Team: St. Fidelis College


The winners received cash vouchers, while the best team was awarded the prestigious trophy.


Chief Guest Mr. Ahmad commended the debate for its well-structured arguments and the composed and articulate gestures displayed by the participants.


College Secretary Mr. Rizvi, in his congratulations to the winners, underscored the profound significance of debating as an ongoing and enriching learning experience.


As the curtain fell on the vibrant stage of verbal jostling over AI's potential impact, both the speakers and the audience were left contemplating the importance of controlling AI to prevent its relentless harm to humanity.

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