Unity College celebrated a special day on October 16, 2023, dedicated to honouring the exceptional teaching and non-teaching staff members. The Teachers' Day festivities had been postponed due to the Muharram mourning period, and the event began with spiritual performances and a welcoming address from Principal Mr. Francis Castelino.

A notable accolade was reserved for educators who had exhibited unwavering commitment, as they had not taken a single leave during the previous academic session (2022-23). Mr. Monis Naqvi and Ms. FarheenAsrar were recognized for their remarkable 100% attendance.

The College management extended heartfelt appreciation to the teaching staff, offering tokens of gratitude as a symbol of their recognition and gratitude.

During the event, Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi, the College Secretary, emphasized the esteemed status that teachers hold within society, highlighting the substantial responsibilities they bear in shaping students and meeting societal expectations. He acknowledged the demanding nature of the teaching profession and underscored the invaluable sacrifices and dedication made by teachers. Dr. M. Talha, the College Jt. Secretary, congratulated all the teachers for their contributions to education.

The day featured lively games tailored to different categories of teachers, fostering an atmosphere of joy and excitement. The winners and runners-up of each game were as follows:

Game 1: "Pop the Balloon" (Pre-Primary Teachers)
Winner: Ms. Eram Shakeel
Runner-Up: Ms. Zebi Rizvi

Game 2: "Hinglish" (Primary Teachers)
Winner: Ms. Sahifa Rizvi
Runner-Up: Ms. Narjis Fatima

Game 3: "Guess the Song" (Secondary Teachers)
Winner: Ms. Fizza Mehdi
Runner-Up: Mr. Irfan Ahmad

Game 4: "Remember Me" (Senior Secondary Teachers)
Winner: Ms. Sarah Abbas
Runner-Up: Mr. Monis Naqvi

Following the games, the management also conveyed their gratitude to the hardworking and dedicated non-teaching staff members, offering them a small token of appreciation.

Another special recognition was awarded to the "Best Dressed Female and Male Teachers," with this honour being bestowed upon Ms. Nilofer Jafri and Mr. Mohd. Mohiuddin, respectively.

Vice Principal Mr. Sachindra Bharti delivered the Vote of Thanks, and the celebration concluded with a special lunch, serving as a heartfelt gesture of appreciation to the entire teaching and non-teaching community for their unwavering contributions to the institution.

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