Unity College paid a heartfelt tribute to the late Dr. S. Kalbe Sadiq on Founder’s Memorial Day, commemorating his 3rd death anniversary on November 24, 2023. The event, themed 'Role of Religion in Promotion of Peace and Unity,' served as a poignant homage to the extraordinary legacy of Padma Bhushan (Late) Dr. S. Kalbe Sadiqoften hailed as the second Sir Syed, the Hakeem-e-Ummat, and the Messiah of the community and society.He was an influential leader, a visionary educator, a remarkable reformer, and an advocate for interfaith unity. Dr. Sadiq's enduring commitment to fostering harmony among diverse sects, communities, and religions, as well as his dedication to educational excellence, will resonate for generations to come.

Dignitaries from various faiths and academia graced the occasion, including luminaries such as Swami Muktinathananda, Founder of Vivekanand Hospital & Sri Ramkrishna Math Lucknow; Mr. Jagdish Gandhi, Founder of City Montessori Schools; Rev. Fr. Denis Naresh Lobo, Vicar General, Catholic Diocese of Lucknow;Rajyogini Brahma KumariRadhaBahen, Prof. Kamaluddin Akbar, Central University of Allahabad and Sardar Rajendra Singh Bagga, Head of the GurudwaraPrabandhak Committee, Lucknow. The presence of Secretary Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi, Jt. Secretary Dr. M. Talha, and the Managing Committee members added to the solemnity of the event. 

Principal Mr. Francis Castelino fondly recalled Dr. Sadiq’s noble persona, highlighting his significant contributions to academics and social upliftment. The College proudly runs both the main school and a free education programme for the marginalized, a testament to Dr. Sadiq’s commendable endeavors.

The dignitaries shared profound insights, emphasising the common essence of peace and harmony inherent in all religions. Swami Muktinathananda beautifully depicted Earth as a vibrant garden, calling for collective participation to enrich its glory. Prof. Kamaluddin Akbar underscored the universal pursuit of goodness through diverse religious practices. Rev. Fr. Denis Naresh Lobo drew parallels between Dr. Sadiq’s philanthropy and heavenly virtues. Rajyogini Brahma KumariRadhaBahen likened people to varied flowers in a fragrant vase, advocating for giving and preserving peace.

Sardar Rajendra Singh Bagga illuminated Guru Nanak Saheb's companionship with devotees from different faiths, paralleling it with Dr. Sadiq's practices of equity, unity, and humanity. Mr. Jagdish Gandhi praised Dr. Sadiq’s incredible persona, echoing the shared message among all religions of unity and love.

The programme opened with sacred recitations from the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Bible, aligning with Dr. Sadiq’s vision of interfaith harmony. Students presented a diverse array, showcasing Dr. Sadiq's exemplary life and teachings. A mesmerizing action song, ‘School Chalo,’performed by Montessori studentshighlighted Dr. Sadiq’s call for eradicating ignorance and poverty through education.

A captivating skit unfolded, not just as a tale of educational upliftment but as a testament to Dr. Sadiq's unwavering pursuit of interfaith harmony. The programme concluded with a poignant melodious epilogue and a touching tribute through a nazm composed by Iqbal while a heartfelt Urdu speech reverberated with Janab’s invaluable lessons to humanity.Finally, an eloquent nazm composed by Office Superintendent Mr. Shahid Husain encapsulated the virtuous traits of Janab’s personality and his incredible accomplishments. 

In conclusion, Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi underscored the significance of fostering peace and unity, emphasizing the pivotal role of education for individual success and societal betterment. The event culminated with the National Anthem, but Dr. Sadiq’s call for human welfare and education continues to echo and inspire.

The event coincided with a vibrant Green Exhibition showcasing organic farming within the College premises. The Unity Organic Garden Club, comprising dedicated students and teachers, passionately cultivates organic vegetables and produces compost.

The week-long commemoration included a twin day Donation Drive, honouring Dr. Sadiq’s generosity. Students generously contributed stationery items and lunchboxes for the students of the PrathmicVidyalaya, Husainabad, and distributed blankets to attendantsof the patients at King George's Medical University. Essential items including vegetables, toiletries, woollen caps, socks, and additional blanketswere provided to the Vridh Ashram in Rajajipuram, and donations in the slum area near Aishbaghin coordination with the NGO Robin Hood Army.These donations encompassed toys, water bottles, lunchboxes, woollen clothes for all age groups, kids' blankets, and shoes, aiming to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.

The tribute culminated in the morning assembly of November 25, with students presenting a Ghazal ‘La IlahaIllallah’ and theHamd ‘Asma-e-Husna’to honour Dr. Sadiq’s legacy. Principal Mr. Castelino urged students to carry on his legacy of fostering peace and progress for all. The comprehensive event not only paid homage to Dr. Sadiq's extraordinary life but also emphasized the enduring principles of unity, peace, and philanthropy that he championed throughout his illustrious journey.

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