On March 21, 2024, the Preparatory Section of the College hosted a memorable Graduation Ceremony, attended by esteemed guests including Chief Guest Dr. Bina Rai, Principal of Awadh Girls’ Degree College, Lucknow, Jt Secretary Dr. M. Talha, Principal Mr. Francis Castelino, New Principal Mr. Deepak Mathews, Vice Principal Mr. Sachindra Bharti, Headmistress Ms. Kainaat Mansoor, and Manager II Shift Dr. Kalbe Sibtain Noorie.

The ceremony opened with a solemn recitation from the Holy Quran, followed by a Shlok recitation and a reading from the Bible, setting a respectful and inclusive atmosphere for the occasion.

Chief Guest Dr. Bina Rai was welcomed with a bouquet and memento, followed by a warm introduction by Principal Mr. Francis Castelino. The highlight of the event was the recognition of the young graduates of the Prep Classes, symbolising the culmination of their early education journey.

The graduates then showcased their talents through a captivating performance focused on road safety rules. Titled ‘Ye ChoteChote Rule, Inko Na Jana Bhool,’ the performance included a song and dance routine accompanied by a skit emphasising the importance of road safety practices such as using zebra crossings, wearing helmets, and staying with caregivers while walking. The skit also highlighted the significance of yielding to ambulances and avoiding distractions while driving, delivering a powerful message about the value of safety.

Expressing her appreciation, Dr. Bina Rai commended the graduates for their growth and dedication, and she praised the teachers for their nurturing guidance. She emphasised the importance of seizing opportunities and lifelong learning, applauding the College for its commitment to holistic education.

New Principal Mr. Deepak Mathews addressed the audience, emphasising the vital role of parental support in children's educational journeys. He praised the College's dedication to excellence and invited everyone to participate in the students' future successes.

In her vote of thanks, Headmistress Ms. Kainaat Mansoor expressed gratitude to the guests, parents, teaching staff, and support staff for their contributions. She affectionately referred to the students as her ‘Shining Superstars,’ highlighting their potential for a bright future.

Ms. Mansoor concluded by reminding parents of their ongoing role in supporting their children's educational endeavours. The Graduation Ceremony celebrated the achievements and potential of the students as they transition to the next phase of their academic journey.

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