Unity College commemorated Earth Day on April 20, 2024, joining the global environmental movement dedicated to catalysing significant change for our planet and its inhabitants. 

The College celebrated Earth Day with great enthusiasm, engaging in a wide range of activities aimed at promoting environmental awareness and action.

In the Pre-Primary Section, students engaged in plantation activities, recycling, and waste management. Lower Nursery students recited a poem about maintaining a clean environment and proper waste disposal practices. Upper Nursery students learned about biodegradable and non-biodegradable items, gaining valuable knowledge about waste management and its impact on the environment. In the Primary Section, students learned about environmental responsibility through creative charts, posters, and cut-outs. Class III students illustrated ways to protect Earth through pictures and cut-outs, while class IV students displayed beautiful hangings and eco-friendly practices. Class V students planted saplings to contribute to a greener future. The activities emphasised the importance of nurturing nature and promoting recycling. The students' participation in these activities emphasised the importance of environmental responsibility and teamwork.

A special morning assembly led by students from Iqbal House was organised on the occasion. In an enlightening address, Innama Abbas of VII C emphasised the paramount importance of preserving the earth. The students were further engaged through an engaging Inter-House Quiz masterfully conducted by Wajiha Batool of Class VIII A. 

The Inter-House Collage Competition held later in the day for the Secondary and Senior Secondary Sections was a spectacle of artistic brilliance. The contest showcased a diverse range of perspectives in two categories - Junior and Senior. The Junior category delved into the theme of 'Pollution' with exquisite finesse, while the Senior participants embarked on an imaginative exploration of 'Climate Change'. The entries conveyed poignant messages, employing various mediums such as magazines, newspapers, coloured paper, fabric, and an assortment of crafting materials.

In conclusion, Principal Mr Deepak Mathews, addressed the students, reminding them that our actions today shape the future. He urged them to plant seeds of change by fostering green spaces and protecting the existing flora. Drawing attention to the escalating crisis of extreme weather patterns and infectious diseases, he emphasised the imperative of combating pollution to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

In essence, the Earth Day Celebration served as a rallying cry for collective action, inspiring students to become champions of environmental preservation.

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