In collaboration with our College Secretary, Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi, Jt. Secretary, Dr M Talha and Dr. Sarah Musavi, Unity College is proud to spearhead both an Organic Farming program and a Gardening initiative, aimed at providing students with hands-on learning experiences about plants while fostering environmental stewardship and healthy lifestyle choices among young learners.

Led by the guidance and expertise of Mr. Nasir Abbas and our dedicated team of coordinating teachers, the College has established organic gardens benefiting both students and educators alike. Approximately 80 enthusiastic students from the senior classes actively engaged in cultivating a variety of plants, including melons, bottle gourd, ridged gourd, pumpkins, green chilies, brinjal, and cucumbers on a designated plot of land. Under the watchful eyes of experienced gardeners and program coordinators, students are committed to the well-being of their plants. They have received comprehensive training covering organic farming techniques, best practices, and guidelines, including the creation of bacterial cultures, compost production, manure preparation, micronutrient formulation, and responsible use of organic pesticides. Impressively, students have gained hands-on experience in grafting, 3G cutting, layering, and have produced approximately 250 saplings of medicinal, ornamental, and commercially valuable plants.

Simultaneously, approximately 30 teachers have enthusiastically joined the program, actively learning organic farming techniques while participating in planting spinach and coriander seeds. Mr. Nasir has conducted informative sessions on compost production, micronutrient formulation, and pesticide preparation, emphasising the importance of natural environmental conditions in organic farming.

The College's Primary section also embarked on integrating gardening into its curriculum this year.

Gardening Activities:
Students will participate in various gardening activities throughout the academic year. These activities will include:

Planting Sessions: Planting seeds, seedlings, and bulbs, learning about the requirements of different plant species and the significance of soil, water, and sunlight for plant growth.

Maintenance Tasks: Responsibility for watering, weeding, and pruning, fostering a sense of ownership and accountability for the garden's upkeep.

Harvesting: Students will harvest fruits, vegetables, and herbs, witnessing the culmination of their efforts and gaining appreciation for the food production process.

Observational Studies: Conduct observational studies, documenting plant growth stages, and recording environmental factors that influence plant development.

Learning Outcomes: Science Education, Environmental Awareness, Nutritional Awareness, Life Skills & Community Engagement.

Program Coordinators:
Ms. Nisar Fatima
Ms. Fizza Mehdi
Ms. Eva Abbas
Ms. IlaShahid

Unity College is committed to fostering a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility. The Organic Farming programme serves as testament to our dedication to these principles. We look forward to continued growth and success in our endeavours, nurturing curiosity, environmental stewardship, and healthy lifestyle choices among our students.

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