The Parents' Orientation Programmes hosted by Unity College in April, 2024, proved to be significant events, fostering collaboration between parents and the school community. Spanning across various class levels, these sessions commenced with orientations for Lower Nursery on April 6, followed by Upper Nursery & Preparatory on April 8. Under the guidance of Headmistress Ms Kainaat Mansoor, these orientations warmly welcomed new students and parents, offering comprehensive insights into the College's curriculum, regulations, facilities, and overall ethos.

Continuing the momentum, subsequent sessions for Classes I & II on April 15, and for Classes III-V on April 25, spearheaded by Ms Mansoor, underscored the College's commitment to punctuality and programme adherence. A unique aspect of these ceremonies was the heartfelt rendition of Surahs from the Holy Quran by parents, enriching the interactive presentations that delved into the College's emphasis on academic excellence, holistic student development, and state-of-the-art facilities. Ms Mansoor accentuated the crucial role of parental engagement in ensuring regular attendance, optimal facility utilisation, adherence to norms, effective teacher communication, homework monitoring, and creating a supportive learning environment at home.

Another Parents' Orientation Session for classes VI and VII was held on April 19 in the Central Hall of the College. The Principal, Mr Deepak Mervyn Mathews, emphasised the need for improved discipline and academics, seeking continuous parental support. The Vice Principal, Mr Sachindra Bharti, highlighted the joint responsibility of school and parents in nurturing children into good individuals through quality education, especially during adolescence. He stressed self-discipline, attendance, and planning, noting that it begins at home.

In an Orientation on April 25, Vice Principal Mr Bharti briefed parents of students in classes VIII and IX on discipline, punctuality, and self-discipline. He emphasised the "5 P's of Success": thorough planning, home timetable, and maintaining a neat appearance. He informed the parents that a minimum of 75% attendance is required for exams and also announced extra remedial classes post-summer vacation to enhance students' performance.

Keeping Board classes in mind, a special session was held on April 15, 2024, led by the Principal and the Vice Principal. Mr Bharti stressed the importance of parent-teacher meetings, grooming, and fostering open communication with children, suggesting quality family time. Mr Mathews reiterated the importance of attendance and parental vigilance in fostering a conducive home-school partnership. 

All these sessions provided a platform for parents to interact with the management, expressing their concerns and paving the way for enhanced communication and understanding between all stakeholders.

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