The ISC (XII) results for Unity College reflect an exceptional achievement, with all 121 students passing their examinations, boasting an impressive average aggregate of 83.74%. Notably, 33 students attained scores of 90% and above, showcasing the dedication and diligence of the student body. Further, 47 students secured marks between 80% - 90%, while 38 students achieved scores ranging from 70% to below 80%. Only three students scored below 70%.

Mohammad Sadiq of the Science Section emerged as the top scorer with a remarkable aggregate of 96.25%, followed closely by Malika Zaidi and Afifa Khan from the Humanities Section, securing the second and third positions, respectively, with aggregates of 95.75% and 95%.


In addition to the outstanding overall performance, individual excellence was also evident, with Mohammad Sadiq excelling in Mathematics, achieving a perfect score of 100%. Similarly, Alfiya Fatima, Fatima Naqvi, and Faiza Zehra showcased their prowess by attaining 100% marks in Biotechnology and Physical Education, respectively.


The ICSE (X) results mirrored the College reaching excellence, with all 117 students passing their examinations, achieving an average aggregate of 76.36%. Thirteen students distinguished themselves by scoring 90% and above, while 29 students secured marks between 80% - 90%. Additionally, 40 students attained scores ranging from 70% to below 80%, with 29 students scoring below 70%. Fatima Ahmad of the Science Section emerged as the top scorer with an outstanding aggregate of 97%, followed by Insha Haider and Kashif Alam, securing the second and third positions with aggregates of 96.80% and 95.60%, respectively.


Individual excellence was further highlighted by Tasveer Fatima, who achieved a perfect score of 100% in Computer Application.


The College celebrated the achievements of its outstanding ICSE and ISC students at the 2024 Felicitation Ceremony, where applause filled the air as top performers were honoured. The College authorities- Secretary Mr Najmul Hasan Rizvi, Principal Mr Deepak Mervyn Mathews, Former Principal Mr Francis Castelino, Vice Principal Mr Sachindra Bharti, Headmistress Ms Kainaat Mansoor, Manager II Shift Dr S Kalbe Sibtain Noorie, Principal II Shift Ms Shabana Ahmad and TMT Academic Supervisor Ms Tehseen Zaidi graced the occasion.


The ceremony not only celebrated the achievements of these bright stars but also honoured their dedicated teachers and proud parents. Fragrant marigold garlands adorned the achievers, marking their remarkable journey.


With smiles and aspirations, the event concluded, leaving a sense of pride and inspiration among all attendees.



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