Earth Day is about raising awareness about the importance of protecting our planet and taking action. It is celebrated on 22ndApril every year and this year the Theme of Earth day is 'Invest in our planet’ because a green future is a prosperous future. It focuses not only on the need to reduce our impact on the planet as we recover from the effects of Covid 19, but also we can take some measures to control damage to our Planet by investing in it.

With this objective, the Pre-Primary and Primary Sections at Unity College celebrated Earth Day with a medley of educational and fun activities. They were informed ahead about the importance of Earth Day through myriad conservation- related activities. 

Art projects are fun ways to add a hands-on activity to lesson about Earth Day. . 
L.N students observed Earth day by making mother Earth through balloon printing while U.N students did it by finger impressions activity. By creating such art on our Mother Earth, the little ones felt connected to the environment. Class Prep students made a pledge of saving the Earth through Cotton dabbing activity. Such activities increase the likelihood that they will follow through. 

Class I students were taken for a nature walk in the College premises. Not only did the children learn about their mother earth but it was also an opportunity for learning experiences in a variety of subjects such as Science, Geography, Math, and Art. The little ones also attempted a cleanliness drive. They helped tidy the College playground by picking up trash. 

Class II students were incorporated with activities on recycling. They made reuse of plastic bottles by turning them into planters and planted different saplings in them. Not lagging behind were the students of class III who went a step ahead and took a tangible action of making seed jars to honour Earth Day. They would monitor seeds sprouting and turning into a plant. Later, they would plant them in their garden.

Class IV students enthusiastically participated in the activity 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle'. Each student made use of eco-friendly material such as an old t-shirt and repurposed it to making useful reusable tote bags. They were able to identify renewable and non-renewable resources through the activity. Class V students made beautiful and useful bird feeders out of waste materials to supply food and water to the birds in the scorching heat. The feeders were later, placed in the College premises where birds could possibly come and perch.

These activities helped students assimilate simply yet clearly that our natural resources are limited and we desperately need to use them judiciously.Celebrating Earth Day in Schools and Colleges serves as a conscious reminder of how fragile our planet is and how important it is to protect it.

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